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Aerobic Power Energy System

The purpose of our training is to help you develop and maintain a general physical preparedness that supports you on your pursuit of a great life.  In doing so we believe in implementing training that is both safe and effective.

We always program based on a purpose that broadly considers the 10 primary training systems. In practice, emphasis falls on five main systems: neurological development/skill (nd), creatine phosphate/Strength (cp), Stamina (St), lactic tolerance (lt) and aerobic power (ap). The other five energy systems can be added and may have a place, but for these to be effective in group classes, clear communication is important so that everyone understands the PURPOSE behind the training for that day.

Most trainers, coaches, and gyms don’t teach clients how energy systems work, feel and affect the body. A deeper, more simplified  system allows for MUCH higher eventual understanding by ‘regular’ clients.

Let's dig into the one of the most important "energy systems": AEROBIC POWER.

Aerobic Power training is used to increase the ability to maximally use oxygen at the highest rate possible.

Categorized by full body discomfort (very uncomfortable), high breathing, low relative weight and moving as fast a possible without ‘falling o the edge’ into a lactic bath.

This system usually falls anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. As the name implies, fueling is primarily aerobic but will have strong stamina and lactic elements in some cases, especially towards the end. 

Movement Selection: Regional/Global
Limiter: Lungs/Blood/O2
Dominance: Ventilation/Plumbing
Work Time: 5-30 minutes

Our energy systems classifications are based on concepts. Aerobic Power is one of them, and even within the "classification" of Aerobic Power there is a spectrum. Some workouts require more muscular elements and contractions that build stamina fatigue. Those we consider Aerobic Power on the Stamina side Vp(p). Some use movements that are more systemic in nature, and would hit on more breathing. We consider these Aerobic Power on the Ventilation side Vp(v) side. P stands for plumbing, while V stands for ventilation.

Example training session might look like:
"The Chief"
10 rounds for time of: 9 Thrusters (95/65#), 30 Double Unders
10 minute AMRAP of: 10 Power Snatch (75/55#). 10 Burpees, 100 meter Run
1 mile Run for time
2000 meter Row for time
10 minute Bike for max calories

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