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Andy Catches A Big One!

Have you ever asked yourself why being fit is important? We believe being fit is important because it means you’ll live a happier, healthier life, both inside, and more importantly, outside of the gym. Our Prescription For A Great Life calls for more than just training in the gym, and actually calls for you to: 

Get Out In Nature At Least Once a Week
Your new found fitness will make active outdoor activities fun again. Not only that, but breathing fresh air in nature is known to be therapeutic to the soul.
Rock climbing, hiking, fishing, camping, skiing or surfing are all great options, some of which we embark on together as a community.

Long-time client Andy Dodson does just that.  In addition to consistently training 3 times per week with us, Andy also makes time to get outdoors and enjoy what the New River Valley has to offer. Andy recently had a great experience on the water that is too good not to share.
Here is what Andy had to say about this memorable event:
"It's difficult to describe all the fantastic outdoors experiences the NRV has to offer, and just one of them happens to be a trophy muskie fishery right here in our backyard.  The state record at 45lbs was landed at McCoy just a few years ago, and the New River has become a destination trip for these beautiful fish.
Muskie are elusive and tough - they're considered by some to be one of the hardest fish to catch in fresh water, and have earned the nickname "the fish of a thousand casts".  Many people consider a single hit, much less actually landing one, to be a successful trip out of an entire day of casting.  A large one is a fish of a lifetime.
I'd targeted them off and on over the years, and though I'd hooked several I'd never been able to make a legit landing of a large one over the side of the boat.  But I was bound and determined.  Floating the river just after New Year's (and actually, not long after walking out of [Trebel School of Fitness!], it finally happened after hundreds and hundreds...and hundreds...and hundreds...of casts.

She was one big critter.  And an incredible experience to land and admire one of these beautiful, tough fish, then release her back into the river where she belongs.  Muskie take persistence, but one thing's for sure and that's that nothing's going to happen unless you get out there and in it. : )  And when you do, you might just end up with an experience you'll never quite forget.

Now about that big rainbow trout...!"

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Andy.
Keep on being a great contribution to our community :).