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Athlete Spotlight: Coach Cassidy Jones

Take a few minutes to read about Coach Cassidy! We hope you enjoy this spotlight! 

You can read more about her on our website - Coach Cassidy!

What has it been like to coach at TREBEL Wellness?
It has been an enriching, educational and fun experience. Coaching in this community has allowed me opportunities to grow that have benefited me in ways that reach far beyond the gym.
Why did you choose to work at TREBEL?
I have always felt naturally drawn to coaching, after many years as a competitive athlete myself. I spent many years coaching at the high school level, but found that it wasn’t sustainable with work and kids. TREBEL has given me an outlet for something I’m passionate about, and then offered me more than I ever expected, between community, education, friendship, support, and more.
Are you a full-time coach? If not, what else do you do?
My full time gig is outside of TREBEL, where I’m the Design/Marketing Specialist for a local Design-Build firm called Slate Creek Builders. I also teach as an adjunct professor at Virginia Tech, in the Department of Apparel, Housing and Resource Management.

How do you balance it all?
Honest answer is that sometimes I don’t manage it well! There have been times that I wonder if I’m juggling too much! But normally I get by with a lot of time management, boundaries, being efficient and support from my spouse. Plus, I love everything I do, which makes it all valuable, rewarding and worthwhile, so temporary stressors or busy seasons are just that… temporary. The intrinsic payoff for being part of each of these communities is worthwhile.
How does TREBEL fit into the rest of your lifestyle?
I love sport and fitness. I love talking about it, learning about it, and thus, coaching it. The accountability, camaraderie, and support at TREBEL make it an environment that fits where I am in my life right now.
What is something you wish more people knew about TREBEL?
The value of being part of a fitness community like TREBEL is beyond measure. It’s a place that meets you where you are, values everyone’s goals equally, and provides friendship and professional service. It’s a unique offering in the fitness industry, and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.
How long have you lived in the New River Valley?
I came here for graduate school in 2006, so 12 years! Grad school, married, and two kids later and I think we’re staying.
How does TREBEL help you attain all your goals?
What I love about TREBEL is the true belief that all goals are equal. The team at TREBEL has worked with me to continue a strength and fitness plan.

How did you first come to know of TREBEL?
My spouse and I joined when it was CrossFit Blacksburg and it had just moved into the space on Country Club Drive. The long version of the story is that I was working in a plumbing showroom and Neil came in to buy toilets. Somehow the conversation led to the opening of a new gym and me being “athletic” and next thing you know, here we are.
What are your some of your fitness successes?
I was a DI collegiate athlete and had a pretty successful career… but honestly I’ve learned a lot more about what I’m capable of since being here.
How would you describe your training philosophy?
It’s ever-evolving as my age and lifestyle change. But strength and variety are my priorities, and I’m working to add more skill work and mobility in to that as well.
Have you been to other gyms/fitness centers? If so, what makes TREBEL different?
Quite a few… biggest difference is professionalism, community, friendship, accountability and support.
How would you describe the atmosphere in the TREBEL gym?
Encouraging, educational, fun!

Fun facts about Cassidy!

Favorite foods: Artichokes and Ice Cream (but not together!)

Favorite nature experiences: Rappelling in Mexico and Hiking!
Group Class Programming for Friday, February, 16, 2018:

7 Minute AMRAP:
10 unbroken Thrusters (95/65#)
3 Bar Muscle-Ups

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