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Healthy, Functional Shoulders | Bar Hang

Bar Hang

Pull-ups are an important part of building and maintaining a healthy set of shoulders.  

But before you can begin learning how to pull your body up toward any object, whether it be a bar or rings, you have to be strong enough to suspend your whole body weight through your hands.  

At TREBEL we start Pull-up practice with the Bar Hang.  

The Bar Hang teaches correct grip and how to "pack" the shoulders to keep the shoulder joint stable and safe.

Mobility Screen: None

Practice Ability Screen: None

Mobility Preferences: Over Grip Dislocate 15 reps w/ PVC, 
Seated Shoulder Flexion 30 seconds with 15# barbell, 
Seated Shoulder Extension Stretch 30 seconds

Strength Preferences: Bent Hollow Body Hold 60 seconds

Expectations and Goals:
Life: 30 seconds
Fitness: 60 seconds
Performance: 120 seconds

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