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But I'm Not Ready To Get Fit Yet

You may think you need to work on your fitness a little bit before coming in and seeing us. The problem with this is that you may never actually come in and will always have a reason as to why you're not ready to begin your fitness journey.

Those of us who continue to make this excuse are the ones who will never reach that goal of losing weight, attaining the figure they wish they had, regaining functional competence, and/or just feeling good about yourself. The best way to get prepared for this journey is to take a big breathe, let it out and e-mail us to set up a complimentary consultation.

The fact is that by starting with us you may potentially begin in a professionally developed 1-on-1 fundamentals program that is designed to prepare you physically and mentally for the group classes we offer. Everyone who enters our fundamentals program is given a personalized training plan, a set of benchmarks to attain before graduating to group sessions, dietary guidance, and a coach that sticks with them for the life of their membership to ensure they always have someone to go to for any questions or additional help after their fundamentals experience.



Your coaches are here for you and will constantly be checking in with you to ensure you're having the best experience and that you're still motivated for the goals you have!

So if you're still thinking you need to get in shape before visiting us then you need to scratch the idea, shed the excuses and come see us for an experience that will change your life in a safe and beginner friendly way. In fact no one goes straight to group classes and gets hurt in our gym, everyone has a solid foundation of fundamentals for weeks or months before starting and we pride ourselves on creating a positive family friendly environment that treats everyone like family.

We are here to help :).





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