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"I'm a better wife, mom, daughter, sister..."

As I was driving home following my 6am workout yesterday morning, I was reflecting back on my journey with TREBEL / CFBB, really my journey with fitness for the last decade.
As you know I am a runner...I started to run many years ago because it was an outlet. It was a way to help me stay in shape and make social connections as a new mom. It gave me an outlet and time spent early in the morning with a small group of women.
As I continued to run 4-5 times a week, I started to register for races that gave me a goal so I could continue to push myself. Through all of those years, I always thought of myself in "pretty good shape," but was searching for something more...something to help me get to the next level of fitness and health. Then four years ago, I was urged by two of my friends (Kinsey O'Shea and Eric Ambroz) to try out TREBEL / CFBB. So early one Thursday morning, I showed up for my first class. I walked in the door alone, admittedly a little bit intimidated, ready to give this thing a try. It was on that first morning, I met Jillian Metz and Laurel Glenn (now :)), who were inspiring and motivating.
They cheered me on and made sure I was coming back again. And yes, the workout was hard, but fun and I knew I was going to have to give this CrossFit thing a real try. And this is where I added CrossFit to my journey. Initially, it was in my mind, a "supplement" to my running; but as I continued, I realized that I was becoming a better runner, a stronger mom and most of all a healthier woman, because of TREBEL / CFBB. Before long I was training with you guys 3 times a week and running only 2.
Now, fast forward to January 23, 2017...4 years to the day I completed my first CrossFit workout...and I reflect on what a blessed journey it has been. I have been blessed with coaches who care. Coaches that go the extra mile to not only push me when I need it, but also to offer help with any question I have about my nutrition and fitness. Coaches who are so knowledgeable about the human body, functional movement patterns and mobility, that the therapist in me is smiling every time I hear them talk. Coaches who have become friends :) I am also blessed to workout with a wonderful community, who sweat, cheer and moan right along with me. A community that makes the journey even bigger than just me "getting fit." A community that I have now introduced to my kids, as I pray that they will be encouraged not only by my husband and I, but also by you, to lead a healthy lifestyle for their entire life.
SO...I thank you, all the other coaches and the TREBEL / CrossFit Blacksburg community for being apart of my journey. I am a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, physical therapist, volunteer, and person because of you all. And for that, I will be forever blessed!
Here's to many more years ~

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