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Client Profile: Chris Chittenden

We are always happy to share stories of success with our clients! We hope you enjoy Chris' thoughts...

From injuries to time commitment to bad workout experiences, there are plenty of reasons why people neglect their fitness goals. Not Chris Chittenden, though! 48 years young and a mother of 4, Chris works for Eggleston & Associates in Blacksburg. As someone who has had poor training experiences and multiple injuries, TREBEL was a leap of faith for her. A year and a half later, Chris is still training with us, and she is loving every minute!

Chris came to us after hearing her friends rave about TREBEL.

“Historically, I never had success with fitness programs...I feel like so many of the places I have tried [didn’t] pay any attention to me after I joined,” she said. Coupled with chronic physical issues, Chris was nervous that TREBEL would also be a poor fit for her. But a consultation with Carol changed that. “She asked me my goals,” Chris explained. “I said I want to feel stronger, stay injury free, and, long-term, I want to...have fun with my future grandkids… Also I heard about how they could help me scale my fitness plan to manage my chronic physical issues.”

So Chris gave it a shot. And boy was it worth it! “I am also glad to say I have been there a year and a half and am injury free,” she exclaimed. “It made me realize that despite my physical ailments and injuries, I could still get fit and live a great life.”

When asked about her athletic success, Chris laughed. “There were none prior to TREBEL!” she said. “My trend for fitness was try something new, get hurt, then quit. Seriously.” But TREBEL has helped reframe her definition of fitness success. “There were many days that Jesse would say to me, ‘You walked through the door. That's already better than a lot of people.’ I used to think ‘I HAVE to go to the gym,’ but now I think ‘I GET TO go to the gym’!”  

Chris loves the Gymnastics Classes for their integrated mobility and strength training. One of the best parts about TREBEL for her is the variety of skills and ages present. She can attend gymnastics class and workout next to a trained gymnast and not feel discouraged. And she loves the culture and coaches. “The coaches at TREBEL spend the class monitoring, encouraging, and correcting. I leave there feeling like I learned how to be better and with a sense of personal accomplishment because I was now doing it right.”

The coaches of TREBEL carry an authenticity that Chris loves. It’s their realness that matters to her--knowing that she can trust them, that they take their craft seriously, but also that she can joke and laugh with them. Their willingness to accommodate her personal needs is so important, too: “I can ask for help scaling workouts to my needs and they aren’t bothered.” As someone with chronic physical issues, this is paramount for Chris. Training at TREBEL there is “a lot of joking around, but also lots of serious commitment to personal wellness.”

Interested in joining the TREBEL family? Chris has some advice: “Talk. Ask questions. Raise your concerns. The coaches and owners, Carol and Jesse, sincerely want to help you live a great life, and they will always make time for you.”

Thank you, Chris, for your bright spirit and for sharing your TREBEL story!

Group Class Programming for Friday, March 16, 2018:


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