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Client Profile: Katie Boes

The TREBEL family is tight. From our wonderful coaches to amazing clients, we are intentional about the sense of community that we foster because we know it contributes to long-term wellness for each member and makes our coaches love what we do.


As part of our TREBEL Coach Story Series, we introduced you to one of our inspiring coaches, Ian Littlejon. This time, we wanted to brag a little bit about one of our amazing clients: Katie Boes.


Katie is a professional in Blacksburg. She works at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, located on Virginia Tech’s campus. Just like in her fast-paced working life, her enthusiasm and mindset for success make her a great addition to the TREBEL family.


Jesse Hilmandolar, one of our owners, had shining remarks to share about Katie: “From day one, during our conversation at Rainbow Riders (where all of our children are classmates), Katie has had a patient approach and growth mindset towards her training.”


When Katie began training at TREBEL, that desire for long-term growth really showed through. She began with questions about injuries and was quickly put at-ease when we began to go through our comprehensive approach to fitness and training, specifically with our fundamentals program. Carol Beliveau, co-owner of TREBEL with Jesse, went on to say, “She is a model student and we appreciate her leading the way with consistency and accountability.”

Katie and her beautiful family! Her husband, Eddie, trains with us, too!


Why Fitness? Why TREBEL?


People join gyms or begin workout programs for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it starts as a New Year’s resolution and blossoms into a big part of your life. For other people, they want to gain strength and be more competitive in their sport.


While we work with clients who have high-performance goals, we also work with those who don’t have a specific goal or event to train for but rather are seeking fitness for life. Once Katie started working out with us a little over a year ago, she started to feel the positive impacts it had on her life.


Katie noticed she ate better because she was staying active, and then she noticed that her clothes fit a little bit better. The biggest thing Katie felt, though, was a little more subtle: she felt herself getting stronger every day.


That sums up a lot of why we love the approach we take at TREBEL. While we think our fitness programs are a great choice for many folks, it’s the positive improvements we can make to someone’s lifestyle that really encourages us to enjoy what we do. From our variety of classes--Katie prefers the morning times-- to our comprehensive discussion about nutrition and wellness outside of the facility, we think success stories like Katie’s are attainable for anyone who wants to undertake training with TREBEL.


Katie says she feels like TREBEL is more of a family. At TREBEL, we want you to feel at home with us, knowing we are a great choice for you and the life you lead.


We’ll never force you into a routine, or a class, or a coach that doesn’t work for you.


Don’t feel overwhelmed by reaching out and getting started today. We love helping our clients work towards a goal of lifelong fitness, no matter what stage or season they are in when we first meet.  We offer a private, complimentary consultation with you to talk about what we offer as well as your fitness goals and needs. We want all of our clients to feel as safe and happy in their decision to choose TREBEL, just as Katie is.

Katie at TREBEL with fellow clients...lovely ladies!

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