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Client Profile: The White Family

We hope that you enjoy this interview with the White Family! Thank you Liz and Mike!

How has TREBEL Wellness impacted your life?
TREBEL has had a huge impact on my life since I joined almost three years ago. I have a lot more self-confidence since joining TREBEL and I feel so much stronger, both physically and mentally. I also have made great friends at TREBEL who have had a huge impact on my life.
TREBEL had impacted my life by making me more fit. I used to struggle to find ways to exercise and stay in shape. I have never been a person to go to the weight room and work out. I found the competitiveness and different skills at TREBEL intriguing to me and helped drive my workouts.
Why did you join TREBEL Wellness?
I joined TREBEL because I wanted to get in shape again after having my first baby and nothing I had tried (exercising or diets) had worked for me.
I joined after my wife started going... she would talk about the workouts they were doing. Also, I started to be more conscious of my blood pressure, cholesterol, and overall health.

Before! beginning our wellness program!

Mike today! WOW!!
Why do you enjoy working out at TREBEL Wellness?
Before I started training at TREBEL, my main form of exercising was running and I wasn’t consistent with it. Some people love to run, but I’m not one of those people. It’s boring, and painful, and I would pretty much only do it when the weather was perfect because I hate running in the cold, and I hate running on any type of treadmill or indoor track, because, again, it’s BORING.
Training at TREBEL is different every day, which is one of the great things about it. It most certainly is not boring! There’s also an element of friendly competition, which I love. I played team sports in high school, and I have missed that sense of camaraderie and competition ever since. At TREBEL, I feel like I have both of those things. You are part of one big giant team, and everyone cheers each other on. You are also always competing with yourself to improve upon your previous results and there is friendly competition amongst your peers. If you don’t like competition, just show up and do your best!
TREBEL also provides a place to socialize. I have made a lot of friends at the gym, and hanging out and talking to your friends always makes working out more fun!
Before starting TREBEL, I would randomly run with Liz to try and stay in shape. I hate running without a purpose. I could play sports all day but never liked running just to run. Also, I played flag football and some other team sports to try and get exercise. I love that the classes are one hour long which helps when you are living a busy lifestyle.
After I started training, I found the friendly competition intriguing to me and it helped drive me to be better. I love having different workouts and there are never two days the same. This helps keep me motivated and interested at the same time. Also, I love the atmosphere when everyone is cheering each other on. This reminds me of team sports and everyone being involved to support your teammates.
How were you introduced to TREBEL Wellness?
My great friend Laurel, who has since become “Coach Laurel” and Mama Extraordinaire, brought me to a class with her during “bring-a-friend” day. We did a fun partner workout and I was hooked. Immediately afterwards, I signed up for a membership and started coming to beginners’ classes twice a week.
About six months later, Liz finally convinced me to join. I went to an intro session with Coach Carol and started attending beginners’ classes after that.

Liz on the far right - looking great, people!
What are your favorite classes at TREBEL Wellness?
I love CrossFit, Gymnastics, Performance and Olympic Weightlifting classes.
CrossFit classes and Performance class
Tell us about yourselves...
We have been married for five years and have three daughters: Brooklyn (11), Reagan (3) and Riley (9 months).
(Mike played football and baseball in college and Liz played soccer and basketball in high school.
Mike works at the Pepsi plant in Wytheville as a manager and Liz works as a researcher at VTTI in Blacksburg.)
What are some of your fitness successes? Give examples...
In my opinion, my biggest fitness successes are training throughout my pregnancy with Riley (and even competing in the Open when I was 8 months pregnant!), getting my first strict pull-up (about 2 and a half years into CrossFit), and running a mile in under 7 minutes (for the first time since high school!).
Fitness successes have been weight loss. I really didn’t want to lose weight but lost between 35-40 pounds. Other successes include Muscle ups (which I wanted to do since starting TREBEL) and starting to be able to do Performance in the workouts. Also, I completed Murph the first year I attempted it.
Describe your relationship with your coaches...
I love our coaches! They provide encouragement, support, and knowledge, and I consider many of them my friends. During my second pregnancy and after Riley was born, the coaches were wonderful! When I’d come to train after Riley was born, I was nervous about Riley getting fussy and disturbing the classes, but the coaches always made me feel welcome and would even hold Riley for me so that I could train when she’d start getting fussy.
I really like the coaches. Everyone has different insights on the different skills we learn. I think it is better to learn and listen to different opinions to make yourself better. I think the coaches have a lot of knowledge and everyone is friendly. I like the fact that coaches understand when you need to be pushed and who wants to be pushed. Everyone has different goals at TREBEL.
Describe what it’s like to train at TREBEL Wellness...
Training at TREBEL can be as intense as you want it to be. If you aren’t feeling 100% one day, you can go in and move around and get some exercise, or if you’re feeling great and really want to push yourself, you can get a workout that will have you laying on the ground exhausted at the end. Training at TREBEL is also fun and I always leave feeling accomplished.
Training is what you want to get out of it. I think you are allowed to go at your pace but also be pushed a little when needed. The atmosphere is supportive and friendly. I like that people speak to each other and say hi when coming in and out of the gym.
What do you like to do for fun when you’re not at the gym?
We don’t really have time for hobbies, but we love to train together at TREBEL and talk about training at TREBEL! We love tailgating and going to Virginia Tech football games. We’re also big foodies and Mike likes to smoke meat pretty much every weekend.

Mike working the handstand! Hi Reagan!! 
For someone just starting out at TREBEL, what would you tell them so they can succeed?
Don’t expect to be able to do everything right away, it takes time. Also, especially for women, it is most important to focus on feeling stronger and healthier than you were before you started. Don’t use what the scale says as a measure of your success, because it can be very misleading and frustrating. Make the commitment to yourself to train every week and hold yourself accountable for that, and you will be successful.

Listen to the coaches and concentrate on the skill techniques even if you have to do lighter weight than you might expect yourself to. Set obtainable goals for yourself. Make the commitment on coming in and sticking to it. Keep up with your data so you can see your improvements.
Thank you to Mike and Liz from all of us at TREBEL!

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