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Creatine Phosphate Endurance Energy System

The purpose of our training is to help you develop and maintain a general physical preparedness that supports you on your pursuit of a great life.  In doing so we believe in implementing training that is both safe and effective.

We always program based on a purpose that broadly considers the 10 primary training systems. In practice, emphasis falls on five main systems: neurological development/skill (nd), creatine phosphate/Strength (cp), Stamina (St), lactic tolerance (lt) and aerobic power (ap). The other five energy systems can be added and may have a place, but for these to be effective in group classes, clear communication is important so that everyone understands the PURPOSE behind the training for that day.

Most trainers, coaches, and gyms don’t teach clients how energy systems work, feel and affect the body. A deeper, more simplified  system allows for MUCH higher eventual understanding by ‘regular’ clients.

Let's dig into the one of the most important "energy systems": CREATINE PHOSPHATE ENDURANCE.

Training in the creatine phosphate endurance energy system help to develop the regenerative ability of the CP system or it can train the cellular system to take a larger work-load of strength/speed work.

Typically the mechanisms of this may be due to changes in muscle fiber contribution, nervous system changes, or simply an adaptation of the supporting structures.

Many consider this “battery building” or CP buffering work. Neurological “inefficiency” can be built here, which is necessary for attaining high levels in sport fitness due to the endurance nature of the sport.  

Using our analogy, we train this system in order to have our plumbing take some work load from electricity, as well as training electricity to recover faster.

Movement Selection: Varied
Limiter: Neuromuscular fatigue
Dominance: Electricity/Plumbing

Example training session might look like:
-Every 30 seconds for 20 minutes:
1 Power Clean & Push Jerk

-Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
2 Presses

Group Class Programming for Monday June 4th, 2018:

7 rounds for time of:
7 Thrusters
7 Burpees

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