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Dave Duncan

"TREBEL has put hope back on my GPS."

Hometown - Kansas City MO

Age - 37

Occupation - Information Technology

When did you first start at TREBEL? – June 2015

Tell us about your sports & fitness background. – The last few years I have been fighting a condition called Brachial Neuritis.  It’s a disease that attacks your nerves and caused muscles in my arm and shoulder to essentially become paralyzed.  I forced myself to workout on my own but was told by medical professionals not to expect too much.  I love a challenge so I ventured to prove them wrong.  I got myself back into shape and have competed in various Obstacle Course Races such as Tough Mudder with the pinnacle being in Sept of 2014 when Coach Daron and I were part of a team that took two Wounded Warriors through a Tough Mudder with extremely tough terrain.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like TREBEL that were totally unexpected?

I think the biggest experience is the gain in hope.  Sometimes you get lost and no matter how much fight you have in you, you can tell yourself it can always be worse but along the way hope slowly goes.  TREBEL has put hope back on my GPS.

Please share with us any favorite TREBEL moments.

Just the feeling I got when I did my first pull-up in 34 months.  Proving everyone wrong.  It was priceless.  I generally only get emotional during the National Anthem or TAPS, but dammit (when no one was looking) I got a tear in my eye on that one.

Any advice for people just getting started?

I think the biggest thing for me was the unknown with my shoulder.  I cant tell you how hard it was fighting for the first 8 months of this injury just to wash my hair, hold my newborn, change a diaper, roll down my windows.  Coming home one day tired of not living life the way I want and forcing myself to do pushups and every time I tried to push up, Id dislocate my shoulder.  I was scared of getting back to that place and having to start over.

My advice for anyone with something going on in your life.  The coaches listen.  They care about you and not the bottom dollar.  Your success is their success and they will work around your ailments and help you achieve life.

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of TREBEL? 

Ive got 4 kids, my interests are generally in the back seat.  Outside of TREBEL though, I love helping our Wounded Vets through and organization called Operation Enduring Warrior.  I love Obstacle Course Races.  I love a challenge.

What else would you like other to know about your experience at TREBEL?

Take the belief out of your head that you have achieved all you can and take that leap.  Whatever your goals are, they can help you achieve them.

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