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Don't Look for The Easy Button: Part 3

Don't Look for The Easy Button (Part 3):
Trust Yourself and Find Support

Let’s say that you have just started your fitness journey. You are trying something new and walked through the door of your new gym to meet with your coach.

That little voice creeps into your mind.

“Who are you kidding?  You can’t possibly lift something heavy like that.”

“Pull-ups? Yeah right… no way you can do a pull up.”

“You can’t even do the basic movement right, what makes you think you are ready for a group class?”

Or maybe you haven’t even mustered the courage to walk in and ask about the program. You know that you want to be different and that you want to be a better version of yourself… but you are held back by that little voice in your mind.

“You are not ready.”

“Have you seen yourself?  You can’t do the things that they probably do in there.”

“It’s been so long since you worked out, before (kids, career, surgery, LIFE) you could do those things but not now.”

“You are going to make a fool of yourself.”

Inside, right now, you are nodding your head and you know that voice.

To paraphrase Tripp Lanier, author and coach on the New Man Life Podcast; “I know someone who tried something new when they didn’t feel ready. And he failed… repeatedly. Each time, he would pick himself up, dust himself off and try it again. There was a slight improvement some of the time, other times- not so much. What did he do? He kept working on it. Sometimes he seemed daunted, but he kept going. It was my son….when he was learning to walk.”

What’s loaded in this illustration? A few things:

He was horrible at walking.


We are all horrible when we start something.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and fail.

It is only failure if you quit as they say. I take it one further though, it is also failure if you never started. You make progress and then it slows down. Or you hit a plateau. It is what you do in the moments that you fail or you plateau that determine your success… even more so than what you do when things are going well.  

Make failure an option.

Make failure an option AND use it as a force for change. It is feedback, it is a data point, and it is part of the system and the stepping off point for your next level.  Stepping back up to the plate after failing will tell you a lot about yourself.

Share what you are doing.

The most common way you’ll see this is from a social media post. Share what you are doing with those who you are close to in your life. Not only is it strengthening to you, it can show others that it is possible to accomplish the same things that they are afraid to attempt as well.

Accept support and affirmation from others.

Having a support structure is important in life. When you train at Trebel, you are surrounded by a community who will support your goals. Even more so, the person right next to you started where you started and had many of the same challenges. Your coach will help you, your classmates will help you and coming in to train will be what you look forward to each day.

Remember to play.

What we do is fun. It has serious moments, but what makes it special is the ability to play. Be like a child, be inquisitive, fall down and get back up, laugh, try new things and see how much you can do when you don’t listen to the limiting voices in your head.

Tell me what you think.

Coach Robert

Group Class Programming for Wednesday, July 26th, 2017: 

1. Squat Clean & Split Jerk 3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1
*perform 10 Cossacks Squats after every set
*perform 30 sec. Handstand Hold after every other set

2. "Coe"

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