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Field Study Opportunity


The Trebel Field Study is a 1 semester academic and work experience opportunity designed to help augment the students traditional classroom activities.  

Students will be evaluated evaluated on the knowledge and skills acquired as a result of the experience.  

Emphasis is placed on the academic and practical value of the work.


Learning Objectives for the Field Study

  • Apply knowledge gained in the classroom to solving problems in the Trebel work environment.
  • Identify common problems in the profession in which the student has chosen his/her work experience.
  • Develop effective communication skills with client/patients/professionals with whom he/she is working.
  • Demonstrate professionalism including appropriate attitude, dependability, punctuality, courtesy, cooperativeness, personal appearance, and attendance.
  • Develop and update professional goals consistent with the student’s major and option.


Prerequisites for the Field Study

  • Believe strongly in our core values of…integrity, mastery, achievement, commitment and leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, takes initiative, self motivated
  • Puts others needs above his/her own
  • Sense of humor
  • Loyal and honest
  • Easy to talk to, natural communication skills
  • Can handle both “success” and “failure” constructively
  • Looking for a serious lifelong career in the fitness industry



Throughout the course of the Field Study students will be introduced to the craft of coaching, more specifically working with individuals one-on-one.  

Students will learn to develop a base understanding of movement systems and how to execute training of the movements with an individual.  

Students will also learn to discern a position as a leader within their community as a fitness professional.  

Relationship building, communication skills,  and personal growth are the cornerstone of this Field Study opportunity.



Field Study participants will follow the Junior Apprentice 1 curriculum from the MadLab Professional Coach Development Program.

Field Study graduates can potentially have the opportunity to continue their career with the Trebel Wellness Solutions team.

E-mail: for more information about our Field Study opportunities for students.


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