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Gymnastics Strength Training

Our Gymnastics Strength Training class is designed to increase your body’s ability to move your own body through space.  

Typical movement progressions could include: Bent, Straddle, and Hollow Body Holds, Seated Pikes and L-Sits, Supine Leg Raises and Toes-to-Bar, Ring Rows, Pull-ups, Rope Climbs, and Muscle-ups, Down Dog Holds and Assisted Dips and Ring Dips, many different types of Handstands Push-ups, and numerous different variations of Squats and Pistols.

We incorporate an Integrated Mobility movement along with every Strength movement that we perform.

Our Gymnastics Strength Training class is as much about "rehabbing" your joints and connective tissues as it is about developing the ability to control your own body.

This class is designed for all levels of athletes and every movement can be modified and/or progressed to the athlete’s ability level.

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