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Gymnastics Strength Training Summer 2018

This summer we plan to continue to use our Gymnastics Strength Training class to emphasize mastering the control of your own body weight.

In every Gymnastics Strength Training group class this summer, we will focus on improving the following types of movements:

Breaking these movements down more specifically, we will be focused on the following exercises and their associated progressions:

We have chosen to focus on these movements in particular because we feel these are just as important as the back squat, press, bench press, and deadlift are to barbell training.

Master these movements and you are well on your way to mastering your own body weight.

The structure for each class is as follows:

1a. Single Leg Squat
1b. Upper Body Pull
2a. Upper Body Push
2b. Static Hip Flexion
2c. Integrated Mobility for the Upper Body Push
2d. Integrated Mobility for Static Hip Flexion
3a. Upper Body Push
3b. Single Leg Squat
3c. Integrated Mobility for the Upper Body Push
More specifically, a typical day for a beginning athlete might look like this:
1a. Reverse Lunge 3x15 L/R
1b. Ring Row 3x10
1c. Cossack Squat 3x10
2a. Elevated Push-up 3x10
2b. Bent Hollow Body Hold 3x30 seconds
2c. Seated Shoulder Extension Stretch 3x30 seconds
3a. Seated dumbbell Press 3x10
3b. Hanging Leg Pistol from Box 3x10
3d. Hawaiian Squat 3x10

And a typical day for an advanced athlete might look like this:
1a. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (16/12") 3x5
1b. Chin-up 3x5
1c. Cossack Squat 3x10
2a. Strict Ring Dip 3x5
2b. L-Sit 3x15s
2d. Seated Pike Stretch 3x30s

3a. Strict Handstand Push-up 3x5
3b. Pistol 3x10 L/R
3d. Hawaiian Squat 3x10

Progressions for each specific movements are as follows:

Single Leg Squat
Reverse Lunge 3x15 L/R
Split Squat 3x10 L/R (4" up to 16/12")
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat 3x5 L/R (16/12") *increase load as appropriate

Single Leg Squat
Hanging Leg Pistol 3x5 (2" up to 24")
Elevated Leg Pistol 3x5 (24 down to 2")
Pistol 3x5
Static Hip Flexion
Seated Pike 3x30 seconds
L-Sit 3x10 seconds
Upper Body Pull
Ring Row 3x10
Chin-up Negative 3x5 (5-15s negative)
Chin-up 3x5
Upper Body Push
Push-up 3x10, P-Dip, or Ring Push-up 3x10
Ring Dip Negative 3x5 (5-15s negative)
Strict Ring Dip 3x5
Upper Body Push
Seated db Press 3x10
Handstand Negative 3x5 (5-15s negative) (0 up to 7" deficit)
Strict HSPU 3x5

In addition to progressive strength work, we will also focus on developing functional mobility as we develop our strength. 

Integrated Mobility work performed before and/or after each working set of strength work help to develop and maintain healthy connective tissues and serve to help keep us injury and pain free.

Integrated Mobility Movements that pair well with Dip development:

Seated Shoulder Extension Stretch
Table Rock
Standing Shoulder Extension Hold
Standing Shoulder Extension Reps
Bent Shoulder Extension Pull
Feet Assisted German Hang

Group class programming for Monday May 14th, 2018:
Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes perform:
Russian KB Swings (53/35#)
*make sure that you choose a weight that allows you to perform about 12-18 reps every minute
*scoring is the same as our scoring for the Tabata protocol (lowest reps in any 1 round)

And please remember, our Gymnastics Strength Training classes will help to develop a powerful core, upper/lower body strength, and plenty of stability/mobility.

If you stay consistent and set reasonable goals, good things will happen.

See you in class!


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