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Gymnastics Strength Training

We have discussed at length the benefits of Barbell Strength Training before, but what about Gymnastics? What role does it play in strength training and in our code for fitness?

While Barbell class emphasizes the control of an external load (i.e. a barbell), Gymnastics class emphasizes the control of your own body weight.

The template for our Gymnastics classes consists of the general warm-up, strength training, and then a "workout."

The focus of this article is to dive into the strength training portion of our Gymnastic classes. In every class, you will have time to practice the following movements:

  • Pull-up
  • Ring Dip
  • Split Squat

We have chosen to focus on these movements in particular because we feel these are just as important as the back squat, bench press, and deadlift are to barbell training. Master these movements and you are well on your way to mastering your own body weight.

In class, we will get better at these movements using the following rep schemes and modifications:

Just as in barbell training, the goal in Gymnastics class is progression. We will stick to these rep schemes and movements and will modify the difficulty of the movement as the variable. Slow, incremental increases in difficulty will prove to pay off in large strength increases down the road.

For example, a here is a way you might progress your Pull-ups over the course of the next few months:

Week 1: 3x3 Ring Rows at 45 deg w/ :03 hold

Week 2: 3x3 Ring Rows at 60 deg w/ :03 hold

Week 3: 3x3 Ground Ring Rows

Week 4: 3x3 Ground Ring Rows w/ :03 hold

Week 5: 3x3 Piked Ring Row (palms facing each other) w/ :03 hold

Week 6: 3x3 Piked Ring Row (palms facing forward, elbows wide) w/ :03 hold

Week 7: 3x3 Jumping Pull-up for Strength (:03 descent)

Week 8: 3x3 Jumping Pull-up for Strength (:05 descent)

Week 9: 3x3 Jumping Pull-up for Strength (:10 descent)

Week 10: 3x3 Chin-ups (until failure, finish the remaining reps with JPUFS)

Week 11: 3x3 Chin-ups (until failure, finish the remaining reps with JPUFS)

Week 12: 3x3 Chin-ups (until failure, finish the remaining reps with JPUFS)

Week 13: 3x3 Chin-ups

Week 14: 3x3 Chin-ups w/ :01 hold at top

Week 15: 3x3 Chin-ups w/ :03 hold at top

Week 16: 3x3 Pull-up

In addition to progressive strength work, we will also focus on developing functional mobility as we develop our strength. 

Integrated Mobility work performed before and/or after each working set of strength work help to develop and maintain healthy connective tissues and serve to help keep us injury and pain free.


Gymnastics class will help to develop a powerful core, upper/lower body strength, and stability/mobility.

If you stay consistent and set reasonable goals, good things will happen.

See you in class!


Group Class Programming for Monday, January 15th, 2017:

1) TREBEL Warm-up

2a) Back Squat 3x5, 1x15

2b) Push-up 3x max reps

3) 21-15-9: Burpees/Toes-to-Bar

Integrated Mobility Movements that pair well with Dip development:

Seated Shoulder Extension Stretch
Table Rock
Standing Shoulder Extension Hold
Standing Shoulder Extension Reps
Bent Shoulder Extension Pull
Feet Assisted German Hang


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