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Ian Littlejohn Blacksburg Farmers Market

Ian's Story

Would it surprise you if one of our TREBEL coaches couldn’t do a sit up when they started working out with us? It’s true! That was Coach Ian Littlejohn’s reality when he walked through our doors for the first time in 2014. He said, “Starting on my path to fitness is the best thing I’ve ever done.”
Hearing that sums up why we are fortunate to have him as a coach. That’s exactly the kind of spirit and passion we value at TREBEL. But, that’s not the only reason why he’s such a valued member of the TREBEL family.
Before Ian became a Coach and Director the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market, he traveled often. Working in business development for a defense contractor, his job took him all around the world traveling for over 200 days each year!
With a child at home and another baby on the way, Ian realized it was time to slow down. While he was athletic when he was younger, fitness just wasn’t a priority when life got in the way. When he began training with us, our program allowed him to ease in, ensuring mastery of movements and a long term fitness solution. “The first year was very formative”, Ian said.

Beginning with one-on-one instruction and a focus on the basics in our initial intake process, we prevent injury by assessing clients individually to ensure that health and wellness will become a lifelong goal. To hear that a coach worked through it from the beginning is amazing and inspiring. It’s great that he can bring this enthusiasm to his clients now, too!
As Ian progressed with us, he began to make changes beyond his commitment to time in the gym. He embraced better nutrition and felt better as a result. Combining improved fitness and nutrition resulted in him feeling better overall. It positively impacted all areas of his life, to include sleeping better and, most important of all, his ability to perform everyday tasks with greater ease. Put simply, the added strength and confidence you get from working with us allows you to “do everything you were going to do already, but better”--in Ian’s words.
Once Ian embraced the active lifestyle and philosophy of TREBEL, he started to think about coaching. Making the transition from student to coach was easy for Ian. “I don’t feel like I have to ‘sell’ the message. I believe in it so much that it’s easy to talk about the benefits.”
Ian’s active, and sometimes hectic, lifestyle makes wellness a huge priority; fortunately, it’s something that really lends itself to his work. As the director of the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market, he sees direct tie-ins with coaching and leading the market, from a community perspective as well as a personal one. “When I’m at the market, I’ll see 10 or 15 people that I coached earlier that day at TREBEL.”
The connections don’t end there.
TREBEL Wellness Solutions owners, Jesse and Carol, are also involved with the market. Carol regularly helps with market events and provides valuable insights as a local entrepreneur. That sense of culture and community is something that we are really proud to foster at TREBEL. Local, healthy foods are a great compliment to the hard work everyone puts in during their training. We think that collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships is something unique for the TREBEL community.
Since his formal education is not in personal training or fitness, he views that as something that sets him apart. It gives him the ability to connect with new clients since he truly was in their place at one time.
Ian is an invaluable member of the TREBEL Wellness Team. His positive spirit, commitment to clients, and love for overall wellness is obvious each time he teaches a class or meets with someone one-on-one.
Thank you, Ian!

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