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My Energy Is Through The Roof!

I'm doing a lot more with my family!

The coaches and community at TREBEL have given me the push I needed to start getting back into shape. The atmosphere is encouraging and the workouts are challenging enough for those that regularly workout or just occasionally do anything challenging.

After having my second son and dealing with increasingly poor health (digestion issues, lack of general energy, shoulder injury, knee pain, back pain) I knew I had to do something or to choose to continue to go to work each day only to come home, eat, watch tv and sleep.

After a local hike to the Cascades with son #1 on my back and being the guy who could not keep up I chose to look for what the change I needed might be. So there I was in bad health, not able to keep up and eating whatever I felt like.

Throughout my time at TREBEL I found a community to train with. I looked forward to the sessions and usually had more energy when I finished a class than when I arrived. I took advantage of a nutrition goal setting class and changed my diet. The transformation has been even more than I hoped it would be. I lost around 30lbs, my energy is through the roof and I'm doing a lot more with my family and kids.

Still have a long way to go, but in short, it's turned my life around and set me on the path I've wanted for myself for a long time.

Thanks TREBEL!

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