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Introducing The Level Method

Later this week, you will see a giant poster appear on the wall as you enter our training practice. And as you check out this very detailed poster featuring 15 rows with labels ranging from “Neurological and Core Endurance” to “Lactic Tolerance,” a multitude of colors, and a collection of diagrams, the poster is sure to be a striking addition that will undoubtedly raised some questions.

Well, we are here to help address any of the questions you may have!

We are very excited to bring the Level Method system to TREBEL. The Level Method is a system of testing and tracking that will integrate with our current programming and help you get the most out of your training.

What is the Level Method?

The Level Method is a collection of 15 tests that assess overall fitness and provides a tangible metric to track the development of our general physical preparedness (GPP). Each test corresponds to a mode in which our bodies use energy to produce power – an energy system. By asking us to complete a variety of familiar workouts and exercises, the Level Method allows us to have a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses letting us to focus on our shortcomings and rapidly improve our GPP.

The Level Method MAP (the aforementioned giant poster) provides a visualization on how you rank on each individual test, as well as your overall level (color) based on the aggregate of all 15 tests. The poster also serves as a road map for improving your fitness – aka “Leveling Up” –  by making it easy to see the corresponding next step in your fitness journey. Want to get your first muscle up? How are your ring dips and holds? Find out where you land on the “Rings” testing category, and you can progress, one step after another, one level at a time, all the way to your goal.

How do I get my Level?

Starting on Monday July 30th we will begin integrating testing into group class training. To test your individual levels, and eventually earn your overal level ranking, simply continue to regularly attend classes like normal. When you complete a test, log your level into our unique to TREBEL data tracking website.. You must create a new account first using the access code listed below if it’s your first timing logging on: (gym code: trebel)

By the end of August, we will have tested all 15 categories in class and provided ample opportunities for make-ups. Once you have finished testing, you will have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and a better picture of your overall fitness. You’ll have clear guidance on the best scaling decisions to help you progress and Level up in every area of your fitness!

I've got my Level... Now what?

This is where the real work starts! Take a look at the areas of your fitness that need attention. For instance, if you need to improve your flexibility, ask your Coach For Life what stretches or mobility work you need to be doing. Want personalized guidance on how to get from point A to point B? Consider scheduling some private training sessions with dedicated skill work targeted towards your weaknesses. Finally, and most importantly, stay consistent. The best way to Level Up is by regularly attending group classes and hitting every training session to the best of your ability!

Need to know more? Here are the answers to some additional questions you may have...

Is the Level Method TREBEL's new programming?

Not at all. Our programming will continue to reflect our core focus on GPP, functional movements, and helping you pursue a great life. The Level Method will work on top of our programming to better your training experience with us. Our coaches are here for you and will constantly be checking in with you to ensure you're having the best experience and that you're still motivated for the goals you have!

How do I receive a testing score?

Testing days will be integrated into our daily class training. During these testing days you will have the opportunity to test and submit your result(s).  We plan on running testing and training cycles about 3 times per year.  There may also be opportunities during non-testing days to test as well, depending on logistics and training for the day.

Can I work through the Level Method on my own?

Unfortunately, no. We feel in order for this system to be effective, we must have a consistent means of implementing the tests. Without rigid guidelines, we cannot guarantee the measured consistency required for the Level Method to remain valid. To have a valid test score, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Judged by a TREBEL Coach.
  2. Completed during a class, testing day, or a 1 on 1 session.
  3. Meet the standard set forth for that test clearly and without a doubt.
  4. Submitted within 7 Days of completion.

I would like to re-test outside of a designated testing period.

Depending on the specific test, or tests, you are looking to perform, you can schedule a single 30 or 60 minute private session with a coach of your choice to complete the testing.

I have a specific weakness that I'm not sure what/how to work on.

Consider a Hybrid membership with dedicated skill work. With a hybrid membership, you will regularly meet with a coach to address specific weaknesses and work towards increasing your GPP as quickly as possible.

I still have more questions...

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Coach For Life. We are here to help!





Group Class Programming for Monday July 23rd, 2018:
Neurological / Creatine Phosphate energy system training
Coordination, and Explosive Hip Extension training
Lactic Tolerance energy system training

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