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Is Gymnastics Class For Me?

In short, yes, but that wouldn’t make a very good blog post, would it?

Here’s why you can (and should) attend Gymnastics class.

Most of us think that Gymnastics is the crazy stuff we see in the Olympics. This is very similar to new clients in our gym thinking that CrossFit is the crazy stuff you see during the CrossFit Games. And while that is what both respective sports look like on the highest level, doing what’s on TV is most likely not appropriate for you, me, or my grandmother. In truth, the building blocks of gymnastics are accessible to beginners and can be modified to challenge the most high-level athlete.

Let’s start this deep dive with the basics, what is the definition of Gymnastics anyway?

“Gymnastics is physical exercises that increase the body’s strength, balance, and ability to move gracefully.” - Cambridge Dictionary

Now, who wouldn’t benefit from getting stronger, improving balance, and being able to string movements together gracefully (AKA athleticism).

Our go-to definition at Trebel is a little more succinct, Gymnastics class improves your ability to move your own bodyweight.

So what are the top 2 reasons to attend Gymnastics class?


Moving a barbell is hard. Moving your bodyweight is harder.

There is a reason that Christopher Sommer, former US national team gymnastics coach and who’s programming we model our gymnastic class after, says high level gymnasts can clean double bodyweight and deadlift triple bodyweight with zero barbell training. They have developed profound pulling, pushing, and core strength from moving their own bodyweight day after day. The skills and strength we develop in our Gymnastics classes don’t just apply to gymnastics movements, they apply under a barbell and in daily level, too.


We don’t just want to be flexible, we want to be strong through the greatest range of motion possible. There is no class on our schedule that allows for mobility to develop as rapidly as in Gymnastics class. If you have shoulder problems, back problems, hip problems, etc., improving mobility (strength + flexibility) is a critical part at preventing pain.

Now some of you might be thinking,

“Hey Rob, I’m still not convinced. What does a typical Gymnastics class look like?”

I’m so glad you asked. This info from Jesse might help:

In general, for ALMOST all of our Gymnastics Strength progressions we will work off a "Every Minute On The Minute" protocol whereat the beginning of every "even" minute you will perform "Strength" work for 30 seconds, and at the beginning of every "odd" minute you will perform Mobility work.

If you need a more detailed description please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Here are some of the progressions we are currently focusing on:



Integrated Mobility


Bent Hollow Body Hold x30s

Cat Cow x5r


Straddle Hollow Body Hold x30s

Table x30s


Hollow Body Hold x30s

Table Rock x5r


Bent Hollow Body Hold x60s

Arm Hauler x5r


Straddle Hollow Body Hold x60s

Arch Body Hold x30s


Hollow Body Hold x60s

Arch Body Rock x30s


Bent Hollow Body Rock x60s

Arm Hauler x15r


Straddle Hollow Body Rock x60s

Arch Body Hold x60s


Hollow Body Rock x60s

Arch Body Rock x60s




Integrated Mobility


Seated Pike bent knee x30s

Standing Over Grip Dislocate PVC x5r


Seated Pike x30s

Seated Shoulder Extension Stretch x30s


Seated Pike mid-thigh x30s

Standing Shoulder Extension 5# x5r


Seated Pike knee x30s

Bent Shoulder Extension Pull 25/15# x5r


Seated Pike Pulses knee x15r

Feet Assisted German Hang x30s




Integrated Mobility


Down Dog Hold x30s

Supine Floor Handstand Flexion PVC x30s


Piked Handstand Hold x30s

Prone Floor Handstand Flexion 2.5# x30s


Long Hollow Handstand Hold x30s

Prone Floor Handstand Pulses 5# x15r


Tripod x30s

Seated Shoulder Flexion 15# x30s


Assisted Tripod x30s

Seated Shoulder Flexion reps 15# x5r




Integrated Mobility


Step-up 20/16" x5r

Assisted or pROM Cossack Squat x5r


Forward Lunge x5r

Skiers x5r


Reverse Lunge x5r

Cossack Squat x5r


Bulgarian Squat x5r

Side-to-Side Squat x5r


Hanging Leg Pistol from Box x5r

Speed Skater Squat x5r

The basic premise is that you master both the Strength portion AND the Integrated Mobility portion of the progression before moving on to the next progression.

It is recommended that you perform each progression 2-3 times, completing that progression with relative ease, before moving on.

It is important to remember that although we are working hard on these days, that we are in TRAINING, and not testing or competing.

Need some info on when our next Gymnastics class is? Find our schedule here.

Group Class Programming for Monday, September 11th, 2017:

1) Trebel Endurance Warm-up

2) Tier 1 Fitness Test:

Fitness Test #1: 400 meter Ball Run

Fitness Test #2: Max Strict Pull-ups

Fitness Test #3: Max Push-ups

Fitness Test #4: Tabata Air Squats 

3) "Jackie"


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