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Co-owner and Director of Coaching

Jesse Hilmandolar

Owner/Operator and Coach

Jesse Hilmandolar is an Owner/Operator of TREBEL Wellness Solutions.

He specializes in developing deep, long-lasting, and impactful relationships with his clients to help manage their health and fitness.

Most of Jesse's clients are moms and dads who hire him to help them LIVE A GREAT LIFE.

What Jesse's clients are saying about him:

"I'm excited to recommend Jesse as a personal trainer and fitness coach. Jesse has a unique ability to motivate his clientele to define specific goals and go after them. This is made more impressive by the group training sessions that typically include a disparate group of deconditioned "middle-agers" and easily intimidated "first timers." In this setting, Jesse's instills a sense a community and respect for people at different stages in this process, a respect that emboldens a team mentality and inspires each to push themselves to edge of their abilities."

"I have to THANK YOU for all the help the past year. You really go above and beyond and I can't thank you enough for the care you put in to guiding each client on their fitness journey. I have received one of the greatest gifts this year in feeling confident and capable- capable to try new challenges, capable to lift anything, capable of being strong on my own. When I remember how mentally and emotionally down and completely unfit I was on the first day, it is amazing! I may not have come as far as most others, but the unmeasurable qualities have really grown with each week. Thanks, Jesse!!! You're amazing!"

"I want to thank you again, as I have many times, for making me work hard and making me use my body like it should. I went from cholesterol meds and being pre-diabetic 8 years ago, to qualifying for top tier life insurance at work this week at 50 years old - lowest rates available for an old fart. No meds. Some aches and pains and lots of complaints, but no meds.  The ROI, as someone in my work might say, is pretty huge- life and health insurance alone I'd figure it to be about 5 to 1."

"We're going to tweak our schedules and cut back on some non-fitness spending. You guys are certainly worth your price! Just to put things in perspective for you...I'm cutting back on my coffee budget!'re new slogan should be, "TREBEL better than coffee." :P

"Because of you I have been taken off of my cholesterol medicine as of today and I'm the process of weeing off my anxiety medicine. My next step is my blood pressure medicine. I can attribute this to all of you and the TREBEL team. Once again thank you for showing us the way." 

Jesse can be reached for Personal Training in Blacksburg at