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Lactic Power Energy System

The purpose of our training is to help you develop and maintain a general physical preparedness that supports you on your pursuit of a great life.  In doing so we believe in implementing training that is both safe and effective.

We always program based on a purpose that broadly considers the 10 primary training systems. In practice, emphasis falls on five main systems: neurological development/skill (nd), creatine phosphate/Strength (cp), Stamina (St), lactic tolerance (lt) and aerobic power (ap). The other five energy systems can be added and may have a place, but for these to be effective in group classes, clear communication is important so that everyone understands the PURPOSE behind the training for that day.

Most trainers, coaches, and gyms don’t teach clients how energy systems work, feel and affect the body. A deeper, more simplified  system allows for MUCH higher eventual understanding by ‘regular’ clients.

Let's dig into the one of the most important "energy systems": LACTIC POWER.

The Lactic Power energy system increases the rate of anaerobic metabolism and energy production, and in general is the energy system that everyone loves to hate.

Lactic Power is trained on the "short" end from about 15 seconds to the "long" end roughly at 70 seconds of time. More important than the timeframe for training is the effort that goes "into" that time and the rest between rounds which is about 7-9 times the work.

The goal is to go hard and fast in order to increase lactic capacity either by physiological or psychological means.

As intervals progress, pain can get worse and worse (lactic pain).

With athletes who are strong enough it is not uncommon to experience a writhing pain.

Unfortunately, most folks get thrown into Lactic Power intervals well before they are STRONG enough, AEROBIC enough, and POWERFUL enough to actually access the system.

The intent of these training sessions is to work hard enough and fast enough in order to increase lactic capacity by a physiological means.

As a client/athlete progresses through training and EARNS more intervals of Lactic Power over time, you will notice that the "training pain" can get worse and worse (lactic pain).  

Movement Selection: Regional/Global
Limiter: Power Generation
Dominance: Plumbing/Ventilation
Time Under Tension: 15-70 seconds

Example training session might look like:
-Row high effort 30 seconds, rest 3:30, repeat 5x

Group Class Programming for Monday July 2nd, 2018:


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