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Leaving Your Ego At The Door

One of the great things about committing to a physical fitness practice is seeing your progress in the gym.

Movements that were hard in the beginning become easy. Other movements you never thought possible are conquered. Weights that seemed impossible to lift start coming off the ground.

All of these accomplishments make the hard work worth it.

But, sometimes we find ourselves stuck. Sometimes we hit roadblocks. And more often than not, when we do hit roadblocks it means we need to take a step or two back in order to go forward.

Here’s is a personal example of mine that might make that concept a little clearer.

I’ve been practicing a kick up to handstand hold on a wall for over 2 years now. And while I was proud of being able to do this at the beginning, I am no where closer to a freestanding handstand hold than I was 2 years ago.

Why? Because although I am able to kick up to a handstand, I have not spent the time truly mastering the progressions that come before it. For instance, here are the list of progressions we have started implementing in our Gymnastics classes:

  1. Down Dog Hold x30s
  2. Piked Handstand Hold on Box x30s
  3. Kick Up To Handstand x5r
  4. Tripod x30s
  5. Headstand x30s
  6. Handstand x30s
  7. Frogstand x30s
  8. Wall Facing Handstand x30s
  9. Freestanding Handstand x30-60s

Even though I can technically do Level 6, I would struggle with Level 4 and fail Level 5 right now. So, should I spend my time attempting Level 6?

No. If I truly want to progress to a freestanding handstand, I have to be willing to take 2 steps back in order to make long-term progress.

This is not to say that you have to take away all of your shiny, new toys and go backwards in everything you do in the gym. But, if you find your progress halting (like I did), or you find you are getting injured due to lack of mobility or technique, it might be time to sit down with you Coach for Life and figure out exactly why that might be happening.

Long term success is not a straight linear progression (although in the beginning it feels that way). Plateaus will happen. And I’ve found that sometimes you need to be willing to step back to move forward.

Group Class Programming for Monday, August 21st:

1. SEAL 20

2. Push Press 3x5

3. Handstand Practice

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