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Lindsay's Field Study Experience

Hi, my name is Lindsay Harrison and I am currently a senior studying HNFE at Virginia Tech!  I first became involved with Trebel Wellness Solutions / CrossFit Blacksburg (CFBB) when a friend told me that he received an email from Jesse about the intern program.  I knew that I needed a field study for my major and had previous experience and interest in CrossFit, so I thought this would be a good opportunity.  After speaking with Jesse on the phone and meeting in person, I soon became an intern for Trebel / CFBB during Fall 2015.  I completed 90 contact hours (2 field study credits) while taking a course load of 12 credits during the fall of my junior year. 

During my field study, I shadowed coaches during different types of classes, learned about the Trebel / CFBB business model, helped out with events and various tasks around the gym, worked with a client one on one, shadowed and then eventually coached the kids’ class.  The most valuable part of my field study was getting to interact with athletes of different ages and at different levels of fitness. 

It was awesome seeing kids from age 5 to older adults in the SilverFit class (some 65+) all involved in the same community in order to become better at life and having fun while doing so.  Getting to watch others become motivated about their health and empowered to achieve their goals in such an encouraging community really made my experience worth while and kept me wanting to stay involved.




After finishing up my field study, I continued working with CFBB as an assistant kids’ coach in the Spring of 2016 (working mostly with middle and high schoolers) and then coaching the elementary kids’ class in the Fall of 2016, which was so much fun.  I loved being able to come up with games and workouts for them and seeing them excited to be there- especially to play dodgeball, climb ropes, etc.  I believe it is so important to instill a love of fitness in kids at a young age, so it was such a privilege to be an influence in these kids’ lives.



Side notes/advice:

Train at Trebel!!  It is super important to be able to perform and know what certain movements feel like in order to properly learn them, remember the cues, and effectively teach them to others.  I wish I had started training earlier than I did, but once I began to train, my confidence in teaching movements grew and my relationships with others in the community did as well.

I would not recommend doing 2 field study credits unless you are taking only 12 credits or less.  90 contact hours/semester equates to about 8 hours/week, so anything more than that while taking 12 credits would be too much, in my opinion.

With that being said, the intern program is very much a “what you put in is what you get out” type of program, so you should be doing some outside “work” on your own time too (studying CrossFit fundamentals and mobility techniques, making friends with the community, etc.).  I wish I did more of this while I was involved, and because I could no longer make these extra commitments, I, unfortunately, decided to remove myself for my last semester of college to focus on my classes. 



Carol and Jesse, as owners and as coaches, are super knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions or chat about life!  I loved getting to know them as well as other coaches.  I would definitely recommend getting involved with Trebel as an intern!  In summary, my intern experience really added practical application to my major of HNFE and provided a huge opportunity of personal growth. 

Best of luck!
-Lindsay Harrison

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