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Manual Labor and Injuries

Manual Labor and Injury Prevention

As we enter the cooler months with leave raking and snow shoveling on the horizon, I wanted to give a quick reminder to think about mechanics when you are working around the house.

What we do inside the gym has direct application outside of it. So here are some quick tips that you can use to move better in and outside the gym.

Spine First

Humans are designed to move from core to extremity. When we set up to pick up a wheelbarrow, to deadlift, or to pull a weed, we have to prioritize our spine first. This means setting up with a nice straight back by bracing the core. Then when we execute the movement we must focus on maintaining that straight back.

Load the Hips, Not the Knees

Our hips are designed to take tremendous loading, but our knees. By initiating our movement with a hinge of the hips backward like we are closing a car door behind us, the hips and posterior chain take the loading, not our knees and quads. This is a much safer alternative and allows you to access far more strength and power. Apply this concept to all squatting and deadlifting motions.

Be Aware of Excessive Twisting

One of the most common injuries we see around the winter time is from shovelling snow. The inherent twisting of the core when shovelling can leave many people with tweaked backs for weeks after. This is because we rarely practice that type of twisting movement in the gym. One way to stay safe is to focus on keeping the torso and hips facing the same direction. Injuries often happen when the torso twists but the hips stay in the same place. If you focus on bracing the abs and moving the torso and hips as one until, you will be far better off.


Group Class Programming for Monday, September 25th, 2017:

  1. Deliberate Practice: “The Muscle Up”
  2. “Barbara”

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