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"With tears in my eyes, I sent a text to Jesse..."

am “totally” stepping out of my comfort zone writing this testimonial, but the coaches have made request several times.  I am finding hard to decline to do something for others who have done so much for me.  

I walked into TREBEL/ CFBB after much encouragement and prodding from my daughter “you need to talk to Jesse”.  I was losing strength, range of motion, flexibility in my left arm due from a birth injury and a lack of exercise.  I had just finished an eight week session in physical therapy, but I wanted more/needed more.

Jesse and staff could not have been nicer.  (again  - “so far out of my comfort zone”. )  They were quite interested: how far can you lift, can you reach around back, how have you done this and that .  Next thing I know they have placed me in the beginner class.  The coaches emphasized engaging should blades, keeping should down, pull elbow in  - very similar to PT but a little weight added.  A major plus for me, there are no mirrors – had to feel when I had executed the movement correctly, AND rememeber how to do it again and again (old habits hard to break).

There were days I would get home and ask myself, is Trebel a good fit for me, am I holding back the class/too much time taken by coach to have to help set-up for modifications, so many young people completing multi-million reps to my measly 5-10. I kept asking Jesse and the other coaches: do I truly belong here, please be honest.  The answer from one coach – “working with you is good challenge for us, you are helping us”.  I decided to continue until the end of the year. My first milestone, reality check, happened 3 months.  My dear friend/extended family member was visiting, catching up on activities, what we are doing, mentioned exercise, TREBEL, etc…..I reached up to take a cup out of the microwave – she said to me, “TREBEL is working for you, OMG, you did not retrieve that cup like you always do, ‘the Margaret way’, twisting turning, however you do”.  I did not say much, but after she left I tested myself - raised my arm, reached in cabinets – like a kid in a candy shop  -  yes, Coaches/TREBEL!  I sent a text to my kids.  

With tears in my eyes, I sent a text to Jesse, thanking him and the other coaches for all their time and expertise. (continue to tear-up when think or tell this story) Since I retired last February, I have had a couple personal challenges, foot surgery which has really slowed me.  My biggest concern during the recuperation period – maintaining the range of motion, flexibility, strength in the upper body.  I talked with Jesse, Amy, Carol, Tyler – asked if they knew of any exercises I could do at home, must be sitting, no weight bearing for not sure how long.  Well, they have gone way over and beyond – from emails of concern, wanting to know when can I get into the gym, to offers of coming to my house.  They have created 30 min WOD – will make you sweat, get your heart rate up – rowing without the feet, air dyne/ just the hands, overhead lifts, kettle bells, wall balls.  Each week the coaches have planned something new.

My main point is to say to anyone who may think TREBEL may not be the gym, exercise program for their needs, please think twice – call - meet with Amy and Jesse, talk with Carol, Andy, Neil.  If there is a special need – problem knees, ankle, back – they have modifications and are constantly researching for new methods.  The coaches at TREBEL DO NOT issue instructions and let you do your own thing.  They are constantly observing, critiquing form, etc.  They treat every member equally.  During personal training they do not leave the room, even if someone takes 20 minutes to row – constant attention to all. For me, TREBEL has a program which I need.  I like classes, smaller gym. Thank you coaches of TREBEL School of Fitness!  
-Margaret Perkins

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