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Neurological Development

The purpose of our training is to help you develop and maintain a general physical preparedness that supports you on your pursuit of a great life.  In doing so we believe in implementing training that is both safe and effective.

We always program based on a purpose that broadly considers the 10 primary training systems. In practice, emphasis falls on five main systems: neurological development/skill (nd), creatine phosphate/Strength (cp), Stamina (St), lactic tolerance (lt) and aerobic power (ap). The other five energy systems can be added and may have a place, but for these to be effective in group classes, clear communication is important so that everyone understands the PURPOSE behind the training for that day.

Most trainers, coaches, and gyms don’t teach clients how energy systems work, feel and affect the body. A deeper, more simplified  system allows for MUCH higher eventual understanding by ‘regular’ clients.

Let's dig into the one of the most important "energy systems": NEUROLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT.

Neurological Development is as "electrical" as you can get.  "Plumbing" and "Ventilation" are present during things like "play" and skill work, but they do not contribute a large role.

Work time and time under tension do not apply to the Neurological Development energy system work because of how varied things can be and heart rate is almost always low.  Typically, the limiting factors for this system have to do with the brain and are neurologically based.  

Motor control, neuromuscular efficiency, accuracy, agility, balance, and coordination all play a huge part during neurological development work.

Movement and exercises include play and skill development around all areas of life and sport including pacing, strategy, and thinking. In simple terms, we are working on brain development.

Characteristics of neurological development focused training include myelin and electrically dominant with little to no cellular fueling  (plumbing).

When someone is at the upper limits of this system they say things like "my body won't do what I want it to do" and there is often frustration that coincides with a "failure" to perform movements/tasks at the level the athlete is attempting to perform. (It is fairly common to hear profanity laced outbursts during this time).

When training in this system we need to keep fatigue low.  You should not even come close to getting physically "tired".  High levels of awareness and focus throughout the entire effort should be maintained.

Movement Selection: Varied
Limiter: Neural Pathways/Brain
Dominance: Electricity

Example training session might look like:
-Alternate minutes for 10 minutes:
even- 30 Double Unders as fast as possible
odd - 30 seconds of free handstand practice

-For 10-30 minutes: 
Practice walking, balancing, turning, etc. on a curb, balance bream, slackline, etc.

- For 10 minutes, practice perfect positioning:
Weightlifitng drills

Group Class Programming for Monday May 21st, 2018:
21-15-9 reps for time of:

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