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Weightlifting 101

2017 has already been a great year for the Trebel community!

A little recap:
Many of you are making some drastic changes to your lifestyle, exercise, and dietary habits, and we are REALLY proud of you guys! We are inspired by our many expectant mothers who continue to train with us and see the benefits of consistent training . We re-launched our Preschool program (which is a LOT of fun!), and our Kids and Teens program is at capacity. We expanded our early morning and mid-morning schedules to help give more flexibility to our AM group class offerings.  The mid-day class time shift has proven to be quite popular as well.  Adding in an evening group class on Mondays and Wednesdays has also helped to even out class participation during those busy time.  Even after adding in all of those changes, we were able to launch 2 new group class offerings which have proven quite popular (Foundations and Performance) and everyone seems to be settling in to their new year schedule.  Keep it up!

Some things to look forward to:

The Intramural Open 
-Remember to get signed up by January 27th.
-Lots of fun in store for the 5 weeks of the Intramural Open.

3 Easy Ways To Look and Feel Great!

Annie Kay's this Thursday 6:30-8:00PM where we will:
-Teach and reinforce movement patterns to help you feel and move better
-Educating and sampling of Apple Cider Vinegar beverages
-Educating and sampling of Medium Chain Triglyceride products

($5 cash gets you entry, your own PVC pipe, and delicious samples)

Rowing Clinics

Be on the lookout for 2 upcoming rowing clinics that will be geared toward rowing for The Open.

Weightlifting 101!

Starts this week, Wednesdays 7:00AM and Thursdays 6:00PM

This new group class offering is the perfect stepping stone to our Olympic Weightlifting group classes as well as a way to get familiar with some of the complex barbell lifts. Geared towards our clients who are newer to our program as well as those who who can't seem to remember the difference among terminology such as: hang, power, squat, jerk, snatch, etc.  

We will focus on the basics of weightlifting such as: positioning, terminology, mobility, and help to make your transition into learning weightlifting movements as fun and effective as possible!  Please contact your Coach if you have any questions at all. Happy Training!