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New Class Offerings

New Offerings!

We are proud to announce two new offerings that we have been working on for quite awhile and are really excited to launch!  Based on observations and conversations during one-on-one training and group class times, as well as feedback from our members and coaches, we have developed and tested two new offerings: Foundations and Performance!


This class is designed out of a desire to give our members the opportunity to improve and develop competency in the basic movements that we all need to perform to be well-rounded limitless human beings.  Attention to mobility and range of motion, competence with basic bodyweight movements, and drilling and practicing of basic weight lifting movements will be the focus of this class.  It is perfect for introducing those new to our community as well as the perfect opportunity for our more seasoned athletes to practice and dial in their form and technique.  

Classes will be held on Sundays 12:00-1:00PM (January 8th - February 19th) and is highly recommended for anyone who is seeking to improve their movement quality.


Designed out of a desire to give our more experienced members an opportunity to push themselves in a fast-paced environment to help further develop their overall work capacity (fitness).  Requirement for participation in this class are: 6 months training as a Trebel member, successful completion and passing of Trebel Fitness Testing, written letter of intent and acceptance from coaching staff.

Classes will be held on Sundays 4:00-5:00PM (January 8th - February 19th) and are highly recommended for anyone who is seeking: additional time to work on their weaknesses, strong verbal encouragement, rigorous workloads under a rigid schedule, and extra skill work under the guidance of a coach.

If you are interested in participating in the Performance class please make sure that you:

1) Perform the upcoming Fitness Testing on January 1st or have already performed the Fitness Testing and passed.

2) Submit an e-mail to the coaching staff ( explaining your desire to participate in this class as well as your Fitness Testing results.

Fitness Testing

We will be holding one more Fitness Testing day/time before we launch our new Performance class offering:

Sunday, January 1st, 2017 4:00-5:30PM.

Each Testing Day opportunity will help to give you feedback on your current ability level, limitations, areas of strengths/weaknesses, and ultimately help to guide you to a higher level of overall fitness.

Testing Day will require 90 minutes of your time, a positive attitude, and some physical exertion on your part.

Specific requirements for testing include:
Positive attitude
Ability to run 1 mile safely
Ability to perform 1 Air Squat unaided
Ability to hang from a Pull-up bar safely
Ability to perform 1 Wall Ball shot (20# for men, 14# for women)
Basic competency with Deadlift form and technique

Please e-mail to request a spot!