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No Longer Watching From The Sidelines

I started my fitness journey around 7 years ago after struggling with weight gain post childbirth for 5 years. My friend and I decided to try Zumba...and that lead to many progressions of cardio classes over the years. I also played rollerderby locally for 2 years during that part of my journey. I had no idea what kind of void I had until my boss insisted I try CrossFit Blacksburg for the first time. 

I was terrified that I could never do the workouts she did on a daily basis. She told me multiple times how much I would love it...and then I finally tried it. I started with a bootcamp and it was INSANELY AMAZING. I had never felt so incredibly motivated or worked!! Having coaches that literally give you 1:1 attention and cheer you on made all the difference.

I COULD scale everything, and at that point, I HAD to scale everything, but I never felt like I was a weak link. My small milestones were recognized every step of the way and still are today. 

I have just celebrated my 2 year anniversary here, and enjoy every class (although I still complain every class). Over these 2 years I have watched other members participate in the open and both times, I thought to myself, why are you not doing this!? As much as I have enjoyed keeping score and cheering others on I knew that this year was my year to compete!

Even though I have that nervousness deep down, my excitement builds each day. I am ecstatic that this year we are doing this in teams. There's something about having teammates cheer you on that pushes you to perform with everything you have in you!

Even though we may do a little trash talking to other teams, honestly, we have nothing but love for each other! EVERYONE can do this and EVERYONE should do it! Just be prepared to hear a lot of grunting/yelling/cheering coming from our corner ;-).