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Phil's Field Study Experience

My time spent at Trebel was one of the most enlightening experiences of my fitness career to date. Specificity of coaching athletes' movements was paramount ensuring that movements are executed correctly, and more importantly, safely.

The coaches of Trebel prepared athletes the correct way (in this sense; ensuring athletes are mobile in the ankles, hips, and shoulders as well as stable in the knees, core, and upper thorax). Athletes were never asked or expected to perform movements that their bodies were not eliciting readiness for. If an athlete was training and did encounter a movement that they were not fully proficient in, coaches were always able to find another secondary suitable movement scaled-down to said athletes ability level.

Another aspect that was highly impressive to me of Trebel was the ongoing continued education the owner led on a weekly basis. His lessons were relevant, informative, and applicable to the pertaining place within a micro-cycle of the programming. My favorite "takeaway" from Trebel was the daily, weekly, and monthly preparation that was expected of athletes before training sessions. Use of foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and resistance bands were of regular usage prior to training sessions along with many subtle vocal "cues" and "phrases" used to ensure these devices were used properly.

Many of these techniques I learned from Trebel have been utilized in my own client-base who have had mobility issues for most of their lives and were able to cure their issue. While at Trebel, I was diligent in note-taking and compiled 3 composition notebooks that I still use today in my personal programming and with client programming. Additionally, my role at Trebel was to photograph training sessions. By doing this, I learned from the coaching staff what specifically to look for in analyzing the body's movement patterns. This is an extremely powerful skill I developed and one that is necessary when dissecting movements that are compound and rapid.

After Trebel and graduating from Radford University, I went on to move to Charleston, SC and got hired as a Personal Trainer. After a year of working as a Personal Trainer, I was promoted twice due to my abilities to help my clients achieve their goals. I credit a significant amount of my applicable knowledge-base to my experience with Trebel.

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