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Trebel School of Fitness | Workout | "Poseidon"


5 rounds of:
Max calorie row in 60 seconds
Turkish Get-ups

Complete a total of 30/25 reps (or calories) in each round. (men perform 30 reps, women perform 25 reps).

For example, for our women, if you row 15 calories, complete 10 Turkish get-ups for that round.

If you row 20 calories, complete 5 Turkish get-ups for that round.

Alternate arms for your Turkish Get-ups.

You will have 5 minutes to complete your work every round
(perform row every 5 minutes), and 25 minutes total.

Use the heaviest dumbbell that is appropriate for your current fitness level.

Use a kettlebell once you have completed the workout with a 25# dumbbell.



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