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Coach, Robert Hawkins

Robert Hawkins


"Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that you don’t see coming."

For me, the journey to TREBEL School of Fitness began with skepticism. I made a dedication to better personal fitness following knee surgery in 2010. Up to that point I was active, and what I believed to be fit at the time. I had completed both military and law enforcement fitness training and had worked to maintain it while juggling an adult life.

After the surgery, I made a commitment to be more fit than ever and I began my own work out programs based on what level of knowledge I had. I bought the videos, went to the gym and I did pretty well, but in a short time I hit the plateau. I stopped seeing results, or I didn’t get the results that I wanted. It was great for busting stress, but the monotonous work outs started to drag and basic gyms don’t offer the support that I needed to break through to a new level. A friend suggested that I try TREBEL, so in the interest of being open minded I signed up for a Boot Camp in Spring 2014. Exit Skepticism.  Enter results.

What I found was not just a fitness program, but a supportive community that challenged me, held me accountable, and supported my development. The community  challenged me to push past my comfort zone and to achieve expanding personal and fitness goals. The best part was- it was all fun. The TREBEL staff took time to assess my level of ability, to instruct me on how to improve, and help me reach goals. Naturally, when I was offered the chance to join the TREBEL staff I jumped at the opportunity to join the team and help others to achieve their fitness goals.  I am energized by helping others succeed and take pride in improving my ability to coach and support others.  My motto is “Be Strong: Become Stronger.”