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Skill-Based Warm-ups

Traditionally "warming up" in the fitness setting has consisted of little more than spending fifteen or twenty minutes on a bike, treadmill, or elliptical. While better than nothing, this approach to warming up is largely a waste of time in that it will not improve flexibility, does not involve the whole body or major functional movements, misses an ideal opportunity for reinforcing and practicing some critical exercises, and poorly prepares an athlete for the training to come.

For years, we have implemented a warm-up into our group class training that is built on the principle that the warm-up does more than simply "warm you up".

We believe that a warm-up should serve to increase body temperature and heart rate, provide some mobility and stretching, provide practice for basic movements, and finally, prepare the athlete for the training ahead of them.  The warm-ups that we perform at Trebel satisfy our needs whereas the traditional warm-up only leaves us with an elevated body temperature and heart rate.

Most of our training sessions last an hour, and an hour goes by quickly when we have to do some community building, get everyone warmed up, practice a few skills, some strength training, get in a high intensity finisher, and a thorough cooldown.

With that in mind we encourage all of our coaches and athletes to minimize the amount of time in class spent on warm-up activities that do not develop functional movements and skills.  

Training in the small group setting has several challenges, not the least of which is the difference in experience, skills, and capacities among athletes. Skill-based warm-ups can help bridge that gap while setting standards for technique and range of motion and developing coordination. Relatively new athletes can brush up on the movements and sequences, and experienced athletes can refine and practice their skills.



Different types of Skill-Based Warm-ups that we commonly employ include:

Gymnastics-Based Warm-ups

The gymnastics warm-up comprises of bodyweight exercises/elements or calisthenics and its primary purpose is to improve body control by improving neurological components like coordination, balance, agility, and accuracy, and to improve functional upper body capacity and trunk strength.

Typically movements like Pull-ups, Push-ups, Dips, Handstands, Rope Climbs, Muscle-ups, Toes-to-Bar, etc. will be practiced at the appropriate level of current fitness and ability during these warm-ups.

EMOMs (Every Minute On the Minute) and EOMOMs (Every Other Minute On The Minute)

Similar in concept to the Gymnastics-Based Warm-ups, EMOMs and EOMOMs allow for movements to be practiced and density to be built during the Warm-up time.  

Typically higher skill movements are performed during our EMOM and EOMOM warm-ups. This progressive manner of building skills helps to keep athletes on the right track.

Deliberate Practice

One movement practiced for 10 minutes is usually the flavor of our Deliberate Practice Warm-ups.  

Typically relatively higher skill movement like Turkish Get-ups, Muscle-ups, Handstands, Handstand Push-ups, and higher skill weight lifting movements are performed during our Deliberate Practice warm-ups.


It is our intention that we deliver a warm-up that helps not only prepare our athletes for the demanding training session that lies ahead of them, but can also serve to develop important skills along the way.

Take pride in attacking these warm-ups with virtuosity, and watch your level of functional fitness improve.  the sky is the limit for you!  Happy Training!



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