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Spring 2017 Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing

We will be holding our Spring 2017 Fitness Testing this Sunday, April 9th, 2017 4:00-5:30PM.

This Testing opportunity will help to give you feedback on your current ability level, limitations, areas of strengths/weaknesses, and ultimately help to guide you to a higher level of overall fitness.

Testing Day will require 90 minutes of your time, a positive attitude, and some physical exertion on your part.

Specific requirements for testing include:
Positive attitude
Ability to run 1 mile safely
Ability to perform 1 Air Squat unaided
Ability to hang from a Pull-up bar safely
Ability to perform 1 Wall Ball shot (20# for men, 14# for women)
Basic competency with Deadlift form and technique

Please e-mail to request a spot!

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