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Stable Shoulders And Hips

Torque is the foundation of all movement. Lack of torque brings lack of stability. Without torque, the knees wobble, the ankles collapse, and the back rounds.

Why does your coach tell you to "Break the bar!", "Push your knees out!", and "Screw your feet into the floor!"? She wants you to obey the laws of torque and stay safe.

Torque is important because of the way our hips and shoulders are structured. These are ball-in-socket joints. In order to create stability in ball-in-socket joints, you must pull the slack out of the joint.

When we fail to generate torque, it results in a huge loss of stability and an increased risk of injury.

Law #1: To create stability when your legs or arms are in flexion, you need to generate an external rotation force.

Examples: Squat, Overhead Press, Front Rack, Deadlift

Law #2: To create stability when your legs or arms are in extension, you need to generate an internal rotation force.

Examples: Jumping and Land, Split Jerk

One of the reasons we prefer our clients to squat with "relatively straight feet" is that it is easier to generate torque in the hip that way. When your feet splay out during a squat or your hands spin out during a push-up, you lose a ton of torque.

Group Class Programming for Monday, October 16th, 2017:

1) Annie

2) Deadlift 5x3

3) Fran

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