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Stressed Out!

We have always been BIG fans of Mark Sisson and his website, Mark's Daily Apple.

Take some time to explore how much information he puts out on so many different topics.

Included in this post is a great list of ways in which to cope with stress. 

We need stress, too – just not too much.

It bears mentioning that many things can be considered stressors depending on the context.

Lifting heavy things is a stressor, and the right amount causes muscles, connective tissue, and bones to respond by getting stronger, which are desirable; too much, or too little recovery, and muscles, connective tissue, and bones suffer and atrophy, which is undesirable.

It’s about context, quantity, and quality

Hi Bryce and Stef!! We miss you guys! :)

Here are just a few from Sisson's list:


-Brace for the Punch
-Balance Your Omega 6 to Omega 3 Fatty Acid Intake
-Go Primal. Yesterday.
-Know Your Limits, and Hold Yourself to Them
-Opt for Acute, Rather Than Chronic Stress
-Do One Thing at a Time
-Explore the Blurry Realm of Causality and Correlation
-Get Amorous
-Get More Magnesium
-Drink Tea
-Take L-Theanine