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I'm No Longer Timid To Try New Things

"I'm No Longer Timid To Try New Things"

For many many years now I have been on the fitness rollercoaster of trying different fitness and weight loss strategies. I always came out of the gate like a speeding bullet and was successful in achieving short-term goals. However, very soon after, I would fall off the wagon and that was the end.
I have never stuck with anything for very long because I always found excuses or simply didn't care at times.
But this time it feels so different. I am truly excited and I always look forward to my time in the gym. That one hour that I can just turn everything else off, leave my day at the door, and just focus on me. Working out always seemed like such a chore but not anymore.
Since starting at Trebel My overall health has improved - I've lost 20 pounds, and my heart rate and blood pressure are the lowest they've ever been. I feel BETTER and have more energy. I'm excited about my journey and my husband's too.
My husband and I are positive influences for each other in this new endeavor. We both enjoy our time at the gym very much and it makes a huge difference with both of us being on the same page....finally!
Our son is too young to really know if we are influencing him, but he sees us going to the gym, he's been there and seen us work out and he knows how often we go. I have to believe that we are influencing him by setting a good example that being fit is important.
He is both mine and my husband's biggest reason for pursuing our fitness goals! Besides, a 3 year old requires a lot of energy to keep up with!
In the past 3 months I have seen a significant change. I can run a full mile or more without feeling like I'm dying, I can almost do a push-up, my handstand progression is getting better.
I'm slowly but surely getting a little stronger every day, and I'm not as scared of the barbell :).
Although I still get nervous every single time before a class, I'm no longer timid to try new things and join in on new classes/groups.
I can't say enough great things about the Trebel Community and the support you provide! -Andrea C.