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"TREBEL serves a multitude of purposes for me."

I have never experienced something like TREBEL ever before. It serves a multitude of purposes for me personally.

What I recall is going from fitness center to fitness center with a 5 year sleeping boy on my hip to inquire about a future plan in pursuing fitness. Most places barely talked to me and hardly even acknowledge me because they seemed put out. The most information I was able to get is "this is our schedule of classes" and "these are our prices."  

For someone who has lived a sedentary life, that was not helpful at all. I walked into TREBEL because two people at my kid's school mentioned it to me, (Mrs. Renee' Helms and Mrs. Mona Semtner), as I had been inquiring where these ladies go for fitness. I was amazed that although they went somewhere different for their fitness, they were sure to mention these guys and recommended them.

One parent said "if you like that sort of thing."  Her friend apparently raved about not wanting to miss her early morning class at TREBEL.

Jesse, was training someone a morning I walked in with my 5 year old in tow and he actually made eye contact and spoke to me. He asked me what I was looking for in fitness and then invited me to go for an Intro. I was super sore for the next three days after the Intro, and curious to learn more and experience more of what TREBEL is all about.  

It has been great for me physically, mentally and even spiritually. I would be so delighted to have a friend join me at TREBEL and am trying to get some "new recruits," but I have found that some people think it is about  truck tires, (I don't know what that means). I have explained how much of an impact it has made in my personal physical improvement. My husband is happy that I am finally taking physical fitness seriously and has been so encouraging. We laugh about my lack of physical fitness, but he is happy that I keep trying to get better.  I really like the phrase "Better than yesterday !"

Jesse has been a wonderful coach and it is reassuring to be guided and challenged by someone who cares about my fitness. It is so great to take part in a work out class at TREBEL where everyone is encouraging, helpful and friendly. It is a different environment than getting lost in a gym among machines and people who look so serious and unfriendly.  I don't recall exactly what my first work-out was, but it may have been Cindy strict and hard.

Admittedly, I get nervous each time I go because I know it will be challenging and I love that each time the work-out is different, (there is no opportunity to get bored). Sorry this is so lengthy, but I'm just so happy to be sharing this excitement.  I couldn't wait to have my 6th grader experience this as well, so he now goes to TREBEL Kids.  Thanks so much!
-Tina K

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