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"The community has made me feel welcomed."

"CrossFit is the first physical fitness program that has ever stuck for me (hey, you can learn new tricks at 43!) and for that reason alone I can recommend it to anyone. Specifically the community created at TREBEL / CrossFit Blacksburg (CFBB) has made me feel welcome, able and committed to continuing this for so long.

Practical health points: CrossFit took 4 inches off my waistline and that 4 inches has stayed off through three years. While changes are more gradual now, that was a very sudden impact that is very important for men in their 40s who face the possibility of developing diabetes with a waistline that gets toward 40 inches. I may not look like I did in college when I was biking 20+ miles per day, but I feel great and much stronger than I was back then.

CrossFit also made me able to stop taking Lipitor after about 6 months of working out. My Doctor and I monitor it annually but I show no signs of needing a statin for cholesterol control. What really excites me about CrossFit, besides the health points, is that I am willing, able and excited by doing new physical activities.

Since starting at TREBEL / CFBB, I have taken up skiing (never skied before) and even managed black diamond hills at snowshoe last year. I’m off to Utah for a week of skiing this year and looking for other times I can do this. We had a group of 40 something Dads last year and, not to point fingers, I was the only one up and ready to go on the second day of skiing. I’ve done seven solid days of skiing without rest and had no problem with it. That’s pretty stunning to me!

I’ve also taken up track and field throwing through the Highland Games and find all the fundamentals of CrossFit apply to lifts and throws. There is no way I would have tried either of these without CrossFit in my life. Finally, I just love being stronger. I can tell every day that my body feels better than it used to and that I am able to do more: hiking, lifting furniture, doing chores, splitting wood. I know (because I see it in friends and relatives) that I am on the other side of a long life, but CrossFit gives me the tools and confidence to live that second half in a much fuller way than if I didn’t have it in my life. I love to do things, all kinds of things, and who knows what I’ll find to do in the future, and CrossFit has given me the ability to say “sure, I’ll try that. Why not.”  -Doug

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