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The Official TREBEL Warm-up | Blacksburg, VA

For a warm-up to be effective, it needs to: effectively warm up the athlete, develop and reinforce basic movement patterns, prepare the athlete for the day's training, and be efficient to perform.  

Based on these principles, we now present to you, The TREBEL Warm-up:

The TREBEL Warm-up will include 6 types of movements.  

Each type of movement will be performed in a “rounds” format with each of the 6 movements being given 1 minute of practice time, followed in sequence for 3 total ”rounds” or “cycles”.  This allows for 18 minutes of total “warm-up” time.  The types of movements are as follows:




Hip Extension

Hip Flexion

Mobility, Hybrid, Weakness, or FUN :)



Let's dig a little deeper into each type of movement:



  1. SQUAT

Box Squat, Air Squat, DB Squat, Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat


Forward Lunge, Reverse Lunge, Hanging Leg Pistol, Elevated Leg Pistol, Pistol



  1. PULL TO OBJECT (strict, horizontal)

Ring Row, False-Grip Ring Row

  1. PULL TO OBJECT (strict, vertical)

Bar Hang, Piked Ring Row, Strict Pull-up, Weighted Pull-up

  1. PULL TO OBJECT (kipping)

Kip Swing, Kipping Pull-up, Chest-to-Bar Pull-up, Butterfly Pull-up



  1. PUSH AWAY FROM OBJECT (horizontal)

Elevated Push-up, Push-up, Ring Push-up

  1. PUSH AWAY FROM OBJECT (vertical)

Parallette Dip, Ring Dip

  1. PUSH AWAY FROM OBJECT (vertical, inverted, static)

Down Dog Hold, Pike Hold from Box, Kick Up to Handstand, Wall Handstand, Freestanding Handstand

  1. PUSH AWAY FROM OBJECT (vertical, inverted, dynamic)

Down Dog Pike Push-up, Pike Push-up from Box, Handstand Push-up, Kipping Handstand, Deficit Handstand Push-up, Kipping Handstand Push-up

  1. PUSH AWAY FROM OBJECT (vertical, inverted, ambulatory)

Inchworm/Walkback, Wallwalk, Nose-to-Wall Handstand, Shoulder Taps, Handstand Walk


Hip Extension

  1. JUMP and LAND

Jumping Mechanics, Tuck Jump, Box Jump


Good Morning

  1. PULL OBJECT (ground to hip)

Romanian Deadlift, Deadlift

  1. PULL OBJECT (ground to shoulder)

DB Muscle Clean, DB Power Clean, DB Power Clean + Front Squat, DB Clean, DB Split Clean

  1. PULL OBJECT (ground to overhead)

DB Muscle Snatch, DB Power Snatch, DB Power Snatch + Overhead Squat, DB Snatch


Russian Swing, American Swing


Hip Flexion

  1. HIP and TRUNK FLEXION (seated)

Butterfly Sit-up, Weighted Sit-up

  1. HIP and TRUNK FLEXION (hanging, bent knee)

Supine Knee Draw, Hanging Knee Raise, Knees-to-Elbows, Kipping Knees-to-Elbows, Skin-the-Cat

  1. HIP and TRUNK FLEXION (hanging, straight leg)

Supine Leg Raise, Hanging Straight Leg Raise, Toes-to-Bar, Kipping Toes-to-Bar, Glide Kip

  1. HIP and TRUNK FLEXION (static)

Tuck Sit, L Sit Knee Extensions, L Sit, L Sit on Rings


Mobility, Hybrid, Weakness, or Fun :)

  1. HYBRID (pull to object [vertical], jump and land)

Jumping Pull-up

  1. HYBRID (pull to object [vertical], hip and trunk flexion [static])

L Hang Extensions, L Hang, L Pull-up

  1. HYBRID (squat, push away from object [horizontal], jump and land)

Box Burpees, Step-up Burpee, Burpee

  1. HYBRID (sit-up, push object [horizontal], single-leg squat)

Floor Press + Sit-up, Turkish Get-up

  1. HYBRID (pull to object [vertical], (push away from object [vertical])

Muscle-up from floor, L Hang Muscle-up, Muscle-up, Bar Muscle-up

  1. HYBRID (squat, pull to object [vertical])

Rope Climb from Seated, Plank Rope Climb, Rope Climb, Legless Rope Climb



Examples of how we would implement this warm-up would look like this:

New Student:

Squat: 1. SQUAT: Air Squat

Pull: 12. PULL TO OBJECT (strict, horizontal): Ring Row

Push: 15. PUSH AWAY FROM OBJECT (horizontal): Elevated Push-up

Hip Extension: 8. HIP and TRUNK EXTENSION: Good Morning

Hip Flexion: 4. HIP and TRUNK FLEXION (seated): Butterly Sit-up

Mobility, Hybrid, Weakness, or Fun: Seated Shoulder Extension Stretch


More Experienced/Advanced Student:

Squat 2. SINGLE-LEG SQUAT: Pistol

Pull: 13. PULL TO OBJECT (strict, vertical): Weighted Pull-up

Push: 20. PUSH AWAY FROM OBJECT (vertical, inverted, dynamic): Handstand Push-up

Hip Extension: 11. PULL OBJECT (ground to overhead): DB Snatch

Hip Flexion: 6. HIP and TRUNK FLEXION (hanging, straight leg): Toes-to-Bar

Mobility, Hybrid, Weakness, or Fun 26. HYBRID (sit-up, push object [horizontal], single-leg squat) Floor Press + Sit-up:Turkish Get-up



Implementation and execution of the TREBEL Warm-up may vary based on many factors such as: athlete's biological age, athlete's training age, training setting (one-on-one with coach, group, etc.), goals/priorities for the training session, week, month, year, etc., recent training, future training, fatigue state, mood, etc.

Specifically how the TREBEL Warm-up is executed in the group class setting will ultimately be decided by the athlete and the coach.  Some days, based on class size, logistics, etc., the amount of options each individual athlete has may be limited (i.e. barbells, lanes for lungeing, etc.).



A huge shout out goes to Greg Glassman whose 2008 article A Better Warm-up laid the foundation for what the TREBEL Warm-up has become.

Special thanks goes out to Sean Manseau for his contribution to developing his progressive system for teaching the functional movements we were first exposed to by Greg Glassman and the CrossFit methodology.  The exercises, movement hierarchies, numbering system, and many other details of the systems we use are heavily influenced by Mr. Manseau's methodology and teachings.  More information can be found in his text By The Numbers



For a look back at where our warm-ups started, you can refer to these blog posts (our original warm-up and our warm-up 2.0) to see how we have evolved and adapted over the past decade of training.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly: Jesse Hilmandolar,

I hope this helps!



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