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The Trebel Barbell Warm-up

The Trebel Barbell Warm-up is designed to be performed before training any of the major barbell lifts: deadlift, press, bench press, and squat.

This warm-up primes the body to lift while also improving hip, ankle, and shoulder mobility.


The Trebel Barbell Warm-up is as follows:

1) Grab an empty barbell that is appropriate for you and perform the following "cycle" unbroken.

Deadlift x10

Press x5

Behind The Neck Press x5

Back Squat x5

2) After one "cycle" is finished, place the barbell down and perform one minute of integrated mobility (examples below).

3) Repeat the Steps 1 + 2 above.

Integrated Mobility Examples:


  1. Good Morning
  2. Cossack Squat
  3. Samson Stretch


  1. Seated Shoulder Flexion
  2. Bar Hang
  3. PVC Passthrough


  1. Seated Shoulder Extension Stretch
  2. Standing Shoulder Extension Reps (PVC)
  3. PVC Dislocates

Back Squat

  1. Plank Lunge
  2. Deep Squat
  3. Cossack Squat


 Group Class Programming for Monday, September 18th, 2017:

1. Trebel Endurance Warm-up

2. Push Press 3x5

3. 5 rounds for time of:

Life: 200 meter Run 15 Dumbbell Squats 24 Sit-ups

Fitness: 300 meter Run 9 Dumbbell Squat Cleans or Squat Cleans 24 Hanging Knee Raise

Performance: 400 meter Run 9 Squat Cleans (135/95#) 12 Toes-to-Bar or Knees-to-Elbows

*4 minute cap every round


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