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Personal Training Secret Sauce

"TREBEL Has The Personal Training Secret Sauce"

We are work-a-holics and this is one of the first things that has made us both stop working in the evenings that was just ours. It has been nice for us to have a chance to connect on the drive to Blacksburg, and bond over how much we love/hate the personal training on the way home. ha!

Jesse I guess I can't just thank you because we have been so very pleased with everyone we have worked with so I am going to add the group to this e-mail.

I have to say that we both think the world of your staff. they have the perfect balance of compassion, and drive. We wouldn't have the experience without Carol believing in what you had to offer when I spoke to you on the phone the first time and laying out the process from personal training to inclusion with the group. And Cassidy's ability to find a balance between two people with such vast experience levels. 

One more item that applies to all that I have encountered: An ability for all the coaches to have a genuine tone to their voices when encouraging. I am not much of a peep rally person, but I can't tell you how much I value that even when the coaches are not coaching me and they will encourage me when they walk by. It adds to the credibility of TREBEL. Fake enthusiasm bothers me. I know that you all may be dealing with your own stuff some times. There are those days were other items are on your mind,  but you would never know it. From a sales perspective I am left to conclude that you either have the personal training secret sauce or you all actually enjoy what you do.

I know my husband is not a man of many words, but trust me he is equally pleased.

(Names left anonymous for specific reasons :) )

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