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Trebel Intramural Open 2017 Point System Announced

Some of our goals at Trebel include educating and inspiring. Competition helps with the ‘inspire’ part. The social boost of dozens of your best friends cheering for you will help you reach a higher plane. AND, watching your teammates GO is inspiring!
Can we bring that worldwide thrill home? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks? We think so!
Through the Open, we have four intramural teams competing.
The Four Intramural teams are:
Blood Sweat & Beers
Destiny Guthrie
Ian Littlejohn 
Doug Garnett-Deakin
Pam Parker-White
Jess Littlejohn
Vinay Kamidi
Julie Disney
Carol Beliveau
Neil Crawford
Brenda Hastings
Danielle Thompson
Kim Kitts
Stephen Guillot 
Sara Jordan
Jason Boyle
Chris Betz
Drop It Like A Squat 
Vanessa Law
Rob Schlicker
Bailey Houghtaling
Mike Bedsaul
Jonathan Steele
Naomi Dunn
Maren Roman
Liz White
JP Talledo
Laurel Marburg
Ryan Jones
Dave Chiarello
Mike White
Taylor Bolte
Taylor Dean
Eric Glenn
Michael Backus
Courtney Johnson
Hakuna Masquatta 
Cassidy Jones
Eric Weigel
Jacob Bond
Will Walton
Catie Davis
Nicole Smith
Halil Dalipi
Andy Dodson
Christel Hawkins
Sarah Stein
Robert Hawkins
Jeff West
Emily Gallimore
Erica Marrin
Jeremy Hall

WOD I Get Myself Into?
Trang Ngyun
Daron Williams
Sarah Maxwell
Robert Gump
Dave Duncan
Sean Beliveau
Yvonne Hurt
Shana Criner
Ali Weigel
Aaron Reistad
Meredith Hilmandolar
Mike Stein
Will Collins
Eric Glenn
Jason Fowlkes
Jerry Ronneau
Intramural Open 2017 Point System Details:
1. +1 Point per week per member – Attendance: every member of a team that completes the Intramural Open workout on Sunday each week earns one point. If you are out of town, find a gym to complete the workout and take a picture of you at the gym.  Send the picture to your captain and your results/score.

2. Points per week per top finishers:

+1 point for top 3 Life female
+1 point for top 3 Life male
+1 point for top 3 Fitness female
+1 point for top 3 Fitness male
+1 point for top 3 Performance female
+1 point for top 3 Performance male

3. + 5 Points per week. Team Spirit Award - The team with the most noise, presence, positive contribution, creativity, and effectiveness each week will earn 5 bonus points for the week.

4. +8 Points (team) BONUS – Team Bonding: If your team gets together socially outside of the gym (75% of your team) – Picture posted on our FB page as proof)…you get points. This is a one-time bonus. It can be done at any point during the 5 weeks.

5. Weekly Challenges - To be announced weekly :)

Open Dates: (2pm each Sunday...)
We will have something fun each Sunday
for everyone to enjoy along with the workouts! :)
3/26 - Final and Celebration 2pm - 4pm workouts; 4pm - 7pm Celebration 
We look forward to a fun and engaging Trebel Intramural Open!