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Trebel Intramural Open 2017 Week 1 Re-Cap


WOW!  What a way to kick off the 2017 Trebel Intramural season!

The days leading up to the first workout were filled with words of encouragement from everyone, a little anxiety, and a whole lot of excitement!

The Weekly challenge leading up to the Week 1 workout included sharing to social media how you were preparing for Week 1.  

These were a lot of fun!








Team Drop It Like A Squat picked up 8 BONUS points for completing their Team Bonding activity.


The team got together socially outside of the gym Saturday night and from what we hear had a great time doing so!






The Week 1 Team Spirit Award (+5 points) goes to Team Blood Sweat & Beers.  

The collective contributions of all team members helped earn them the weekly bonus.  

Individual highlights from their team include:

Ian and Jess Littlejohn's prep video demonstrating proper leaf collecting technique

Brenda Hasting's brownies (Jace couldn't stop raving about them!)

Doug Garnett-Deakin's kilt


Layla Boyle's awesome motivational poster supporting her dad Jason.





Each team member who participated in the workout this past Sunday earned 1 point for their team.  

The workout this week was a tough one, and really challenged everyone's mental toughness.

The positive encouragement from teammates, volunteers, and spectators really helped to keep the athletes going when their mind was telling them something else.  

THANK YOU to everyone who came out and contributed to the AWESOMENESS of the day.





And last but not least, here are the top performers for each workout category (earning their team +1 point for their performance):

Life Female:
Bailey Houghtaling
Shana Criner
Erica Marrin

Life Male:
Doug Garnett-Deakin
Jon Steele

Fitness Female:
Catie Davis
Sarah Stein
Maren Roman

Fitness Male:
Mike Stein
Eric Weigel
Taylor Bolte

Performance Female:
Nicole Smith
Trang Ngyen
Mere Hilmandolar

Performance Male:
Jacob Bond
Robert Gump
Rob Schlicker




A big shout out goes to Dave Chiarello.  Dave earned his team +1 point for his cooperativeness and performance during his workout on Sunday.  

We were short on equipment, and Dave was asked on the spot if he would be okay using a heavier dumbbell.  Dave, without hesitation responded with "Sure, whatever works best for everyone."

Dave used a 55 pound dumbbell for his workout, and then went on to post a performance that, by itself, was just outside one of the top 3 performances in his category!

Thank You Dave for demonstrating the positive attitude and selflessness our community thrives on.




After all of the points were added up, here are the Team Standing after Week 1:


1. Drop It Like A Squat 

2. Hakuna Masquata 

3. Blood Sweat & Beers



We are now officially 20% through the 2017 Trebel Intramural season :).




What a great event!  

We are looking forward to what the next 4 weeks bring!  

See you next weekend!