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Trebel Intramural Open 2017 Week 2 Challenge

Each week during the Intramural Open season teams will be issued a challenge that gives each teammate the opportunity to earn BONUS points for their team.  

The goal of the challenge is to have FUN, engage your community, and overall to help to keep you and your teammates engaged throughout the 5 weeks.  

Last week’s challenge was really cool!

Some of the top performers from last week’s challenge:

Catie Davis Intramural Open Prep

Coach Daron Attacked By Puppy

Stein Family Warm-up

Brenda Hastings Family Push-ups


Weekly Challenge #2: Random Act of Kindness


Have FUN with these (hint, hint: extra bonus points may be awarded for creativity).

The details:


Points Awarded:

+1 point per participant that perform a Random Act of Kindness.  Find a stranger and perform a sincere act of kindness for them. (max 1 point per participant, thanks Daron!)


Time frame:  

Thursday (3/2 ) to Sunday (3/5 1:00PM)



Anywhere :)



Post a video/picture on your Facebook/Instagram and tag Trebel School of Fitness, your captains, and any relevant participants.  

*If you completed with someone else on your team then they must be tagged in the post and picture.


We are looking forward to seeing how YOU are positively contributing to our community in the days leading up to this week's Intramural Open workout.

(remember, get creative!)


This is going to be FUN!!!