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Trebel Intramural Open 2017 Week 2 Re-Cap

WOW!  We thought it was going to be difficult to replicate the fun and excitement of the opening week Trebel Intramural Open, but boy did you guys ever deliver!

The Weekly challenge leading up to the Week 2 workout included performing a random act of kindness.

The creativity and kindness demonstrated was really incredible to see!





The Week 2 Team Spirit Award (+5 points) goes to Team Hakuna Masquata.

The collective contributions of all team members helped earn them the weekly bonus.  

Individual highlights from their team include:

Christel and Robert Hawkins random act of kindness that will continue to keep giving for many years to come!

and THIS!



And last but not least, here are the top performers for each workout category (earning their team +1 point for their performance):

Life Female:
Naomi Dunn
Sarah Stein
Kim Kitts
Jess Littlejohn

Life Male:
Chris Betz
Ian Littlejohn
Jon Steele

Fitness Female:
Laurel Glenn
Cassidy Jones
Catie Davis

Fitness Male:
Jason Boyle
Ryan Jones
Mike Stein

Performance Female:
Nicole Smith
Mere Hilmandolar
Julie Disney

Performance Male:
Jacob Bond
Jeremy Hall
Rob Schlicker













Team rankings for Week 2 shaped up like this:

1. Hakuna Masquata

2. Drop It Like A Squat

3. Blood Sweat & Beers



After all of the points were added up, here are the Team Standing after Week 2:


1. Drop It Like A Squat 

2. Hakuna Masquata 

3. Blood Sweat & Beers



We are now officially 40% through the 2017 Trebel Intramural season :).

We look forward to seeing you all THIS SUNDAY 2PM!