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Trebel Youth Empowerment Program - Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Updates

We have revamped our offerings and are looking forward to more structure and fun starting in June 2017.

The Trebel Youth Empowerment Program builds a culture of physical literacy from a young age, preventing injuries, improving sports performance, and keeping our children active and engaged for a lifetime.

Our emphasis is on having FUN while displaying discipline, and these experiences naturally build confidence and self-esteem.

Healthy living requires that our kids push, pull, run, throw, climb, lift, and jump effectively and safely - regardless of whether or not they are involved in athletics. 

Continued Schedule

Trebel Kids (Ages 6-12) - Tues/Thurs from 4:15-4:45pm

The Trebel Kids program develops competency in basic body movement patterns, push, pull, run, throw, climb, and jump, in a group environment with the emphasis on FUN. We aim to provide a foundation of physical competency that will lay the groundwork for all athletic pursuits in sport and life.

~ $59/mo as a stand alone program (please see our *new* Fit Family below for further offerings for the kids).

Trebel Teens (13+) - Tues/Thurs from 3:30-4:15pm

The Trebel Teens program is focused on developing competency in proper bodyweight movements and developing the basics of light weight training. This class also exposes the teens to nutrition, interval training, and more advanced gymnastic techniques.

 ~ $79/mo as a stand alone program (please see our *new* Teen Weight Training program for further offerings for the teens).

*NEW PROGRAM OFFERINGS* (Starting June 5th)

Fit Family (6+) - Mon/Wed from 9-10am

The goal of this program is to build a strong culture of health and fitness across the whole family. While parents are able to train in the All Levels class in Space A, the kids class will also be running in Space B. The structure of the kids class will be very similar to our Trebel Kids program and is designed to supplement the evening class offerings. It’s the perfect combination to keep the whole family fit all summer long!

~ $79/mo as a stand alone program, $99/mo for both the Trebel Kids and Fit Family programs.

Teen Weight Training (11+) - Fridays from 3-4pm. By invitation only.

This program is designed to reward those students who are disciplined, committed to virtuous movement, and bring a positive attitude to class. Ask Coach Jesse, Carol, or Rob for more details. 

~ $59/mo as a stand alone program, $99/mo for both the Trebel Teens and Teen Weight Training programs.

Please email us if your child is interested:

Group Class Programming for Monday May 8th:


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