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Why Am I Participating In The Intramural Open?

“Why Am I Participating in the Intramural Open?”

Because I would say “Yes” to anything related to Trebel and the CrossFit Blacksburg community! It is true, but it is not the entire truth. Even when this year is my second year participating in the Open, I still feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. As it may appear to be a competition, I prefer to look at it as an event to showcase how far I have progressed with my level of fitness and have a great time with other members of the community. I love the thrill of getting on to the floor, feeling the warm blood rushing through my veins that makes the sound of my heartbeats echoing in my own ears as the clock starts counting down from 10 seconds to 1, and finally, the best thing of all, the hype from the crowd cheering me on to crush one more rep!

This year, the Open is much more meaningful and forward-looking as the events are going to be held in a team format. It is not just about me going through the workouts by myself, but getting through the workouts together with you all, my teammates. We come from different fitness backgrounds and we have different goals in mind when we start working out, but we all have one thing in common – We all want to be a better version of ourselves, “better than yesterday!” I have never thought of myself becoming a CrossFit Games athlete and I do not believe that competing is one of my fitness goals, but I love the sport because of its sense of community and sportsmanship. There is always that mental wall that makes me say “I am tired, I want to stop,” but the people who surround me are the voices that keep me going.

So, to you, my friends and my family, I want you to know that I am participating in the Intramural Open because I am doing it with you, because nothing can beat a tight sweaty hug that we give each other after each workout. I am honored to experience these five weeks of much sweat, soreness,hysteria, and glory with you!

Cheers, Trang!