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Why Is Changing My Diet So Hard?

Why is Changing your Diet SO DIFFICULT?

One of the absolute hardest things our Coaches encounter is getting our clients to change their diets. For whatever reasonlack of time time, motivation, willpower, or a massive sugar-addictionits much easier for people to commit to a gym routine than it is for them to stop eating processed foods, overindulging on sugar, or to break their overeating habit

We are not suggesting theres a magic-bullet solution; we believe in different strokes for different folks, but here is some FOOD for thoughtand a few optionsif youre struggling to change your diet. Hopefully one will resonate with you.

One Habit At A Time

The idea of changing one habit at time really resonates with us. 

The idea here is not to overwhelm you with grandiose and sudden changes your their life; instead, long-term success comes from focusing on changing one small habit at a time.

Habit-based change that focuses on LESS TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE MORE has proven to be a successful strategy for many of our clients. 

In a nutshell, your change could look like this:

1. Choose one habit/task per month (It could be something like not letting yourself drink alcohol during the week, or not letting yourself have seconds at dinner). 

Its important to choose an easy goal at the start, and its important the goal is measurable.

2. Write down your plan, which will clearly state what your goal is each day and each week.

3. Announce your goal publicly: The more people you tell, the more you will be held to account. 

4. Keep track and report your progress.

Cold Turkey

Some people are hard-wired a little different than the rest of us.  Either you are All-In or you are All-Out.

Most folks who decide for the All-In do really well for awhile, and then adjust.

This approach works well for those who are extremely driven, Type A, and tend not to be emotional with their choices.

Nutrition Coaching with your Coach for Life

If youre the type who needs one-on-one in-person coaching and someone to hold you accountable, then maybe its worth considering working with your coach.

If this is you, reach out to your coach and ask how he or she can help you reach your dietary goals.

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